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Rent a car
Frequently Asked Questions:Rent a car

Compact electric car designed for city use that is environmentally friendly.

Batteries that charge quickly and easily, comfort and safety, compact and functional, keyless via App
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Yes, it’s essential! You can download it for IOS and Android devices here.

Starting and stopping the car, as well as the battery status and other features, are digital processes. The Nanocar is keyless! When you download the app, your mobile phone becomes a “digital” key.

Download App Android / IOS

Dimensions of 2282 x 1268 x 1573 mm and 435 kg without battery.

There are two extractable trolley-type batteries that weigh 41kg each, with a capacity of 2x 5.6 kWh that can be charged at public charging stations with a Schuco connection or at home in any conventional plug.

It can reach a maximum speed of 85km per hour with an engine power of 14 KW and a peak power of 22 KW.

Acceleration of under 7 seconds from 0-50km/h. 

It has a standard range of 149km max. when fully charged. It can vary depending on the driving mode and conditions.

2 passenger capacity, the seats can be changed to different heights to provide greater comfort for the passengers.

Yes it has an eco mode

I can charge the batteries simultaneously by plugging in the car to the current.

No, both batteries are needed for the vehicle to function.

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