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Rent a car
Frequently Asked Questions:Rent a car

You can request information on extra charges made after the rental ends.

I want information on extra charges

Fuel policy: At the effective time of the booking and depending on the rate selected by the Renter, once of the following options shall be applied: a) Full/Refund – The Renter shall pay 100% of the tank at Vehicle Check-Out, and the Rental Company shall check the fuel level in the tank in the Vehicle Check-In at that time, refunding the remaining fuel in the tank in accordance with the eight-eighths marker, minus the refueling management costs. b) Full/Full – At the Check-Out, the Rental Company must hand over the Vehicle tank full. The Renter must also return it full at the Check-In. Should the obligation of filling by the Rental Company not be fulfilled, the Renter can demand at the time of Check-Out that he/she is given the Vehicle with the tank full. If he/she does not complain at that time it shall be understood that he/she is in agreement. If, on the contrary, the Renter should breach this point at the Check-In, he/she shall be charged for the refueling management costs plus the remaining litres until the tank is 100% full.

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