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Frequently Asked Questions:Rent a car

In Portugal there are two toll collection systems: The traditional system with barriers and payment at the toll booth and the gantry system with electronic toll collection (Multi Lane Free Flow - MLFF). In both cases, Via Verde allows you to travel freely, without stopping to pay.

Contracting the Via Verde electronic service with identifier allows access and automatic payment of Via Verde toll services on Portuguese motorways.

The cost of the service is € 1.50 plus VAT per day.

The circulation on some roads may have its own conditions or costs. As the contract holder, you must check in advance the obligation to pay the required fee or toll for the use of these infrastructures.
If during your rental you commit an infraction that has not been paid at the time, due to the formalities with the sanctioning body and the trips that our external agency has to make, OK Mobility could pass this cost on to the contract holder, as indicated in clause 13 of our general conditions.

The online fines management platform is used to pay for a fine corresponding to a traffic infraction committed in Spain, from any device with an Internet connection and provided it is a rental vehicle. 

Ok Fines allows payment by credit card from anywhere in the world.

It is a service offered by Gestorías Asociadas Gesthispania, S.L. and is reserved for the exclusive use of OK Mobility clients.

It is easy to access and use Ok Fines. 

No registration required. You must follow the link provided in the email and SMS communication about the fine available for payment, and enter the code provided therein.

Indeed! The online payment process of this platform is supported by a payment gateway that protects all transactions through Anti-Fraud Monitoring Systems, Secure Authentication Systems (SAS) and Secure Communication Protocols.

Likewise, Gesthispania, the supplier, has the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security certification.


No, this platform treats the information that is provided in order to be able to execute the orders entrusted, in this case, the payment of fines, and in relation to them make the appropriate communications, accounting and billing of these. You can expand this information in the Privacy Policy of Gesthispania.

The main advantage is that it is a platform that allows you to pay traffic fines imposed by any body in Spain, as if you were paying them directly. The safety in the payment of your fines is guaranteed, Gesthispania, the supplier, has the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security certification.

The Renter will be responsible for the payments of the fines during the rental period. The Renter must inform the Lessor of any fine imposed on the Vehicle or the driver during the rental period. The Lessor will always charge for notification and management of notification of fines for sanctions filed against the Renter. The payment of fines is not included in any of the coverages that can be contracted. In the event that the authorities retain the Vehicle due to an act or omission on the part of the Renter, whatever the cause, the Renter will be responsible and will indemnify the Lessor for all expenses and lost profits incurred for such reason.

OK Mobility will automatically debit the vehicle reservation holder's credit card account for the accrued costs of using the electronic toll lanes. The surcharge can be made immediately upon return of the vehicle or within thirty days after the return of the vehicle.

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