The Next Level Subscription!

It's neither a RENTAL, nor a LEASING.
It's the mobility revolution!

  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Monthly Fixed Rate
  • Multi-Destination
  • No Indebtedness
  • All Inclusive
  • No Excess
  • Exclusive Advisor

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Subscriptions are the answer to your problems.

What is OK Mobility’s Next Level Subscription?


Daydreaming? With OK Mobility’s Next Level Subscription it’s possible! Don't worry about anything for 12 months. Your only concern will be when and how you move. A year of assured mobility! Subscribe to one of our five Mobility Groups (Motorcycles, Small, Compacts, SUV, Premium) and enjoy multi-vehicle driving.

With the Next Level Subscription, remember, you will be subscribing to a particular Mobility Group. Forget being true to a single license plate! You will have at your fingertips a fleet of full equip vehicles to escape routine. Choose where, when and how to move.

Unlimited mobility; multi-destination, multi-vehicle! Enjoying a vehicle and moving freely should be that simple. Unlearn what you’ve learned!

The entire full equip vehicle fee fleet at your disposal according to the Mobility Group to which you are subscribed.
No matter where you subscribe! You can use another vehicle from our fleet for free during your holiday in any of the more than 50 destinations with OK Mobility stores*.
All Inclusive
All Inclusive
Road tax, 24h Roadside Assistance, Maintenance of assigned vehicle, Premium Coverage. Next Level Subscription is the solution!
You will also be free to cancel your Next Level Subscription at any time*.
Exclusive Advisor
Exclusive Advisor
The best professionals will answer your questions at any time by contacting +34 910 300 416 and you'll have preferred attention when picking up the corresponding vehicle.

It's as simple as that... Less is more

12 months. 5 Mobility Groups. 0 problems. Subscribe to freedom of movement.

Select the Mobility Group
Set up your Next Level Subscription
Confirm your details
Drive freely


Find an answer to your question:

Next Level OK Mobility Subscription is the perfect alternative to buying a vehicle. It allows you to enjoy the car or motorcycle that best suits you. All this without a down-payment and with Premium Cover, taxes, MOT and maintenance included!

You can arrange it 100% online. Within each Mobility Group you can select the type of vehicle that best meets your needs.

Then choose the pickup date and the office where you want to pick up your vehicle. It's as simple as that... Pay the first instalment and start enjoying your Subscription!

Of course you do! You can contact us on 910 300 416. Our Customer Service hours are 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday and 8:00 to 16:00 on Sundays. 

Next Level Subscription lasts for 12 months and you may cancel it whenever you wish. If you want to end this service, as a penalty, you must pay the amount corresponding to two months of whichever Mobility Group you have subscribed to (Motorcycles, Small, Compacts, SUV, Premium).

  • 15 day Multi-Destination Mobility gift
  • Inmediate Delivery
  • Fixed rate, no surprises
  • Premium Cover
  • Vehicle maintenance, taxes and service
  • Preferential service when picking your vehicle up
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • 1.250 kilometers per month for any vehicle included in Small, Compacts, SUV and Premium Mobility Group Subscriptions and 800 kilometers per month in Mobility by Motorcycles Suscriptions.

The first instalment will be paid at the end of the booking process for your chosen subscription vehicle. Monthly payments will be charged month by month to the card provided during the Subscription process.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID card and driving licence for the entire Subscription period.

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