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Frequently Asked Questions:Rent a car

Speed up the collection of your rental vehicle with our exclusive Fast Track service: just for customers who book via our website or App. Add Premium Coverage when you book online and benefit from our Fast Track service. 

"When your booking with Premium Coverage is confirmed, you can activate the Fast Track service in three easy steps:

Fill in your main data

Validate your identity

Sign the digital contract.

Any questions? Don't worry! Your booking confirmation email will contain all the information you need to activate Fast Track. What's more, if you're an OK Club member you can complete the activation process from your Client Area."

If you are an OK Club member you can activate Fast Track from your Client Area. If you aren't yet a member, sign up now to access and activate your booking. 

If your reservation is refundable, depending on the type of rate you have chosen, you will retain the right to cancel or modify the reservation free of charge. Our system will cancel the reservation and the contract automatically.

Identify yourself with your booking code in our turns management system and we will give you the highest priority to access a  rental advisor and give you your vehicle key. Easy, safe and simple! 

No! If you have not activated the service in advance, our turns management system will not recognize you as a Fast Track service customer and you will be assigned the same pick up service as the remaining "non-priority" pick up customers. 

Yes, provided that you haven't yet used the turns manager that gives you access to queues. When you activate Fast Track activated prior to picking up your vehicle, you can register in the turns manager and you will automatically be sent to a Fast Track counter. 

You will always receive the activation confirmation and a copy of your signed digital contract by email. 

Definitely! When you sign the digital contract you will receive a downloadable copy by email. 

You can only purchase extras in the Store when you pick up your vehicle. For this reason, to streamline processes, we always recommend purchasing all extras and services in advance on the website. 

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