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If you only have a debit card, you should choose one of our covers (OK Premium Cover or OK Premium International) as it is only possible to block the excess on a credit card.

As mentioned above, only OPC and/or CAR coverage is available and can be purchased together and/or separately. If the customer wishes to complement their international coverage, they may do so by contracting the INT - international supplement. This supplement may be paid for the entire rental and/or for the days requested by the customer within the booking. It should be noted that, should any occur outside the contracted period of INT, the customer will be responsible for the costs.

The amount of the deposit varies according to the category of the vehicle, see general conditions.

General conditions

With the exception of the LITE rate, all reservations made through the OK Mobility website can be modified up to 48 hours prior to vehicle pick-up. Smart and Lite rate reservations are non-refundable.

In case you have booked through an intermediary, you must contact them to request the modification.

If you have booked through our website or by phone, you can request the modification of your reservation by calling +34 871 055 312.

We remind you to call the country where you picked up the vehicle.

PaísReservation centerCustomer Service









+34 871 055 312

+34 971 126 880
Italia+39 065 326 2388
Portugal+35 121 555 1037
Francia+33 185 852 359
Alemania+49 894 439 7126
Malta+35 620 330 161
Grecia+30 281 222 0046
Croacia+38 517 707 269
EEUU+1 786 840 9656
Montenegro+38 220438030
Serbia+38 1113216921
Rumania+40 312298238
Albania+355 45301344

The OK Mobility subscription is the perfect alternative to purchasing a vehicle. It allows you to enjoy the vehicle that best suits your needs. All this with  Premium Coverage, taxes, MOT and maintenance included!

With the Next Level Subscription you will have at your disposal a vehicle from the fleet of the Mobility Group to which you subscribe.

You can arrange it 100 % online. Then choose the pickup date and the office where you want to pick up your vehicle. It's as simple as that... Pay the first instalment and start enjoying your Next Level Subscription.

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