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The OK Mobility subscription is the perfect alternative to purchasing a vehicle. It allows you to enjoy the vehicle that best suits your needs. All this with no down payment, with Premium Coverage, taxes, MOT and maintenance included!

With the Next Level Subscription you will have at your disposal a vehicle from the fleet of the Mobility Group to which you subscribe.

You can arrange it 100 % online. Then choose the pickup date and the office where you want to pick up your vehicle. It's as simple as that... Pay the first instalment and start enjoying your Next Level Subscription.

When you pay your first instalment you will receive an email confirming your subscription and access to the Client Area. If this is your first time with OK Mobility, don't worry. We will then send you a second email with your Club OK login details.

Should you not have a previous user to access OK Mobility’s private area, you will receive a second email providing you with the details to access your Club OK and hence manage both your subscription and the 15 free Mobility days.

Sure! You can contact us by calling 910 300 416. Our customer service hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

The Next Level Subscription lasts for 12 months and you may cancel it whenever you wish. If you want to end this service, as a penalty, you must pay the amount corresponding to two months of whichever Mobility Group you have subscribed to (Motorcycles, Small, Compact, SUV, Premium).

  • 7 day Multi-Destination Mobility gift
  • Inmediate Delivery
  • Fixed rate, no surprises
  • Premium Cover
  • Vehicle maintenance, taxes and service
  • Preferential service when picking your vehicle up
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • 1.250 kilometers per month for any vehicle included in Small, Compacts, SUV and Premium Mobility Group Subscriptions and 800 kilometers per month in Mobility by Motorcycles Suscriptions.

With the Next Level Subscription you will enjoy 7 days of Multidestination Mobility so that regardless of the Mobility Group you are subscribed to you can enjoy another vehicle from our fully equipped fleet for FREE during your holidays in any of our more than 50 destinations with OK Mobility stores.

Multi-Destination Mobility days will be available throughout the subscription period (12 months). To enjoy them, access the private subscriber area and redeem them whenever you need them. Subscribing has its advantages!

In order to drive outside the territory, you must go to the office to fill in the form. Unless it is specifically authorised the rented vehicle can only be driven in Spain. If the renter receives express authorization from the car rental supplier, he may drive the vehicle throughout the European Union, as well as in national territory. In the case of crossing borders, the car rental supplier reserves the right to charge the renter an international supplement (INT), to cover any additional expenses that may arise from driving the vehicle outside the national territory

The vehicle may not be loaded or transported on any means of transport without OK Mobility’s prior authorisation. If you need to do so, please contact us on 910 300 416 or email suscripcion@okmobility.com.

We inform you that some of our vehicles are equipped with geolocators and, should we detect that they have exceeded the permitted territory, it may be considered a breach of the contract with the possible associated costs that this entails.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID card and driving licence for the entire Subscription period.

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