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Frequently Asked Questions:Subscription

The duration of this type of subscription contract will be for one (1) month and will be automatically extended, upon payment of the established fee, until the maximum date indicated at the time of booking.

You decide how to move! Request a change to a higher category after the first 3 months of Next Level Subscription.

Unfortunately, a change to a lower Mobility Group is not contractually possible, although if you wish, by cancelling your current Subscription and paying the corresponding two-month penalty, you can subscribe to the lower segment.

If you wish to cancel your subscription in the penultimate month of the contract, you will only be penalised with the payment of the final monthly fee.

You can cancel your Subscription reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before collection. If cancelled within 48 hours prior to collection, the 1st month's subscription will be charged, which means that the initial amount paid at the time of online booking will not be refunded.

The cancellation of the contract once it has started entails a 2 monthly payment penalty, except if you are in the penultimate month of the contract, when only the final monthly payment will be charged

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