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The OK Club is a further step in our relationship with you and our commitment to make you our top priority. To this end, we have created a Club in which you will be rewarded for your loyalty.

In the Club you will be able to accumulate points with each rental, that can be exchanged for gifts and special services designed for you. You will also have access to exclusive promotions and preferential treatment.

Yes. This service is completely complimentary.

  • Accumulate days in your Mobility Wallet and use them whenever you want.
  • Manage and download your invoices immediately
  • Streamline your next booking
  • Priority access to offers
  • Earn points with your bookings and redeem them for PRIZES
  • Receive exclusive discounts

You can register once you are making your booking or through the following link: https://okmobility.com/en/club 

In a simple way, with every rental made on okmobility.com you will see your points balance increase. Each euro spent will represent one point on the balance.

Points for bookings made through the OK Mobility website in the last 90 days will be awarded automatically.
We also offer you the opportunity to recover the points from those bookings that you have not made through the OK Mobility website and enjoyed in the last 90 days. To do so, go to the "Recover Points" section in your private area.

In the Club's private area there is a "Gift catalogue" section where you can exchange your points balance for exclusive gifts and services. Gifts such as discounts and free extras will appear in the "My gifts" section where you can redeem them. If you opt for a physical gift, we will ask you for your details so that we can send it to you by post.

You can see your total points at the top of your OK Club private area. We will also send you a monthly summary of your accumulated points, which you will only receive if you agree to receive communications from us.

No! Your Mobility Wallet mobility days are only valid for bookings on our direct channel: the official OK Mobility website.

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