Road trip from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

The route from Zagreb to Dubrovnik that we show you will help you to get to know the most interesting corners of Croatia. Discover it!

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Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years. Especially in the wake of the series Game of Thrones, because one of its iconic locations, King's Landing, is actually the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. However, this country has many more interesting places worth visiting. To help you organize your itinerary in the best way possible, we will tell you about the best route from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. Don't miss it!

Route from Zagreb to Dubrovnik: the recommended itinerary

There are 605 kilometers between Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, in the north of the country, and Dubrovnik, one of its biggest touristic attractions, located in the south. Along the way, Croatia offers a wide variety of natural spaces combining inland and mountain areas, which are not to be missed. The best way to make this route is to rent a car in Zagreb with OK Mobility and decide on the most interesting places, so take note!

Zagreb: a tour of the capital

On the first day, you really need to walk the streets of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. To learn about its history, it is interesting to visit the cathedral, the 13th century Stone Gate, the impressive St. Mark's Church or the Gric Tunnel, a shelter built during World War II that is used today for performances. It is also interesting to explore the streets of Zagreb from the market located in Dolac Square, the most popular in the city, stroll through the Botanical Garden and arrive at the Mirogoj cemetery. As a curiosity, you can see the only museum in the world dedicated to broken relationships.

Rovinj, a charming town

On the second day, you can go from Zagreb to Rovinj, a city located in the far west of the country, with a historic center considered one of the most beautiful in Croatia. A visit to Grisia Street, the harbor and Mulini Beach is a must. And, to end the day, you can watch the sunset from Sunset Point.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The next destination not to be missed is the Plitvice Lakes National Park one of the treasures of the country. It is a group of 16 lakes divided into two zones, as well as waterfalls and streams, and we recommend that you spend the whole day on a visit. In addition, to make the most of your time, it is advisable to reserve your ticket in advance to avoid waiting in line.

Zadar, Trogir and Split

Travelling along the Croatian coast, the next destination of the tour is Zadar, where you can see the 5 Wells Square, the Roman Forum, the cathedral or the market. After spending the morning in this town, we recommend stopping in Trogir, near the final destination, Split. Trogir has a historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site, despite being very small. The castle of Camarlengo or the cathedral of San Lorenzo are some of the most interesting visits.

Finally, we arrive in Split, one of the cities with the best beaches in Croatia and worth spending at least one day in. The Palace of Diocletian is the main jewel of this city, where it is also worth seeing the 4 gates and walk through its streets, many of which also feature in Game of Thrones.

As for gastronomy, you can't leave without tasting Split's oysters.


From Split we drive to Dubrovnik, the final destination of our trip.

Although they are only 230 kilometers apart, it will take you about 3 hours to cover this distance. Halfway, you can stop at some beaches, such as Makarska or Garma beach. Enjoying the drive along the Croatian coast is also part of the experience.

Once in Dubrovnik, it is a good idea to dedicate one or two days to visiting and walking its streets. Among the essential points of interest are the Pile Gate, the monastery of San Francisco, the Onofrio fountain, the cathedral or the Rector's Palace, among others. You can also take one of the themed Game of Thrones tours if you are a fan of the series.

Finally, after spending a couple of days in Dubrovnik and on its beaches, you can leave the car you had rented for this trip, since many international flights depart from this city. OK Mobility will help you to make your road trip in Croatia unforgettable, call us!

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