The best places to see in Turkey

We tell you what there is to see in Turkey and the 5 places you should not miss if you travel to this country and rent a car.

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Turkey is one of those destinations where you can stay as long as you like, because there is always something to see. However, we know that stays tend to be a little shorter than we might like. Therefore, in this article we summarize what to see in Turkey if you are going to spend a few days or weeks of vacation there and rent a car to visit the best spots in the country. Take note!

What to see in Turkey: 5 cities not to be missed

It is no secret that Turkey is rather expansive, so to visit different cities and travel great distances it is best to rent a car. Due to its large size, when visiting Turkey, the first thing to do is select the best destinations to visit, since it takes a long time to explore the whole country. To help you, here are our top 5 things to see in Turkey.


Though Istanbul may not be the Turkish capital, it is the most touristic city with the most international connections. For this reason, it is the most common point of departure and arrival for any traveler. In fact, our recommendation is to rent a car in Istanbul when you arrive. By doing this, you can travel in a circle and, on your return, leave the car at the same point where you picked it up.

The truth is you could spend your entire vacation in Istanbul alone. Known as the city of mosques, there are some that simply cannot be missed, such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque or the Blue Mosque. Visiting Topkapi Palace, going up to the viewpoint of the Galata Tower or walking the streets of the historic center of the city are other activities that will allow you to get to know Istanbul from the inside.


Another must-see destination if you visit Turkey is the Cappadocia region, known for its rock formations that are commonly referred to as "fairy chimneys". A place of great natural beauty that is usually contemplated from a hot air balloon, although walking through it is also equally impressive.

In fact, the Göreme open-air museum allows you to visit different churches and chapels that have been excavated in the rocks. In addition, you can walk through ancient subterranean cities and watch the sunrise or sunset from what is known as Love Valley.


The third recommendation on our list of things to see in Turkey is Pamukkale, also famous for being the country’s "cotton castle". This site is characterized by its natural pools, formed by the remains of calcium that the water leaves behind when flowing over the stones. The calcium acquires a whitish hue as it solidifies, forming these natural pools of thermal water that you don't see every day.

Among the most outstanding, without a doubt, is Cleopatra's Pool. This is also the site of the Hierapolis, one of the oldest and best preserved theaters in the world.


If you like archaeology, visiting Ephesus is a must on this trip. The ruins of this ancient city on the shores of the Aegean Sea give us a very good idea of what life was like in this area in Roman times. The remains of the Library of Celsus, the Great Theater, the temple or the Trajan fountain are perfectly preserved.

Mount Nemrut

We round out our top 5 recommendations on what to see in Turkey with Mount Nemrut, one of the most impressive places in the country. An ancient king of the region, Antiochus I, decided to place on top of Mount Nemrut a kind of personal shrine.

To achieve this, he had several statues carved, at an altitude of over 2,100 meters, depicting himself and other gods. Today, some of these heads can still be seen, though many have been toppled by seismic movements. Of course, seeing them at sunset is an impressive sight.

These are just 5 recommendations, but the truth is that Turkey is full of places worth exploring. The best way to tour the country, due to its large size, is to rent a car and get lost among the different Turkish cultures and customs.

And with most flights arriving and departing from Istanbul, why not rent a car there? At OK Mobility we provide you with the vehicle that best suits your needs so that all you have to worry about is enjoying everything Turkey has to offer.

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