What to see in and around Santander

What to see in Santander: A tour of the most important routes to discover the Cantabrian capital and its surroundings.

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Cantabria is, without a doubt, one of the most special and beautiful regions of the country. Its capital is proof of this. This is why we want to tell you what to see in Santander and its surrounding area so that you can discover all the potential of this area.

What to see in Santander to get to know the city

Here are some places that should not be missing from your route.

Las Playas del Sardinero

The best thing about cities like Santander that are next to the sea is that they have urban beaches, as is the case of the Sardinero. In fact, there are really two, since in the past it was said that one of them was for the upper classes and the other for the lower classes.

They are an obligatory stop, both in winter and in summer, since the promenade that runs alongside them is home to much of the life of the city and some of its most emblematic buildings. They can be seen as the perfect starting point for any route you want to take.

The Magdalena Palace

The most imposing and beautiful building in the whole city is located on a small peninsula, right at the end of the Sardinero beaches. It is a place with plenty of history and is surrounded by woodland and gardens. We recommend that you visit this area when there is good light and when you can take your time.

You will discover a scenery from a fairytale in which to lose yourself. It is the ideal place to go if you like to find natural green spaces in the midst of the cities themselves.

The Botín Art Center

Santander is also an important artistic center. This museum, with its surprisingly avant-garde design, is a good example of the potential charm of this city.

You will probably find that there are exhibitions of contemporary art, and we encourage you to see them or other cultural activities that will surely attract your attention.

What to see in Santander and its gastronomy: the Eastern Market

Finally, to avoid recommending crowded areas such as the city center (which, obviously, is a mandatory stop), we invite you to go to a place where you can enjoy the delicious Cantabrian gastronomy.

They always say that to really get to know the life of a city, you have to visit its markets, and this would be the most important one in all Santander. Here you can see fresh produce, stop at places where you can taste delicious food or where you can have a beer and a pincho.

Don't hesitate, you have to come.

What to see in Santander: a visit to its surrounding areas

Of course, the natural and scenic beauty of Cantabria is well worth a visit. But you won't need to do much to see it. You just need to have a rental car on hand to get around some of the most impressive places in this region discover them here!

Santillana del Mar

Established as one of the most beautiful places in Spain, this small inland town is a must stop. You will be able to appreciate its classic architecture and its homely gastronomy.

In addition, you will have several mountain and inland paths nearby to enjoy a good walk. A comfortable and very versatile option that you will love.


This town is also known as Gaudí's Capricho. In the midst of wild and beautiful natural scenery you will see a fantasy village that houses some of the most original creations of the famous Catalan genius.

A magical world where architecture blends with nature to create a unique environment. It is one of the most striking places in Santander, and it is easily reached by car. Set aside a whole day, because if you want to soak up the architecture, you will need it.


The good thing about the beach is that it's great in both summer and winter. Whether you want to enjoy the sun or take a long walk and breathe in the sweet and penetrating marine aroma. That is exactly what Laredo offers you, one of the most spectacular beaches in Cantabria.

In addition, if you go by car you can get around the villages in the region comfortably and find some of the most famous restaurants in this beautiful coastal area. You can taste the best seafood.

Now you know what to see in Santander. You only have to choose a good car to arrange the routes you prefer and mark the dates on your calendar. We are waiting for you! Rent your car in Santander with OK Mobility.

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