What to see in Munich in 3 days

What to see in Munich over three days. We show you the must-visit places during your trip to this German city.

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In this article we discuss what to see in Munich to get the most out of this beautiful German city in just 3 days. Let's get started!

What to see in Munich so you don't miss a thing

This city is one of the biggest in all of Germany, which is why it accumulates a large number of tourists throughout the year. What is there to see here? We are going to separate your trip into the different days.

Day 1: a whistle-stop tour of the main monuments

The town hall, located on the Marienplatz square, is one of the most important buildings in the city. Its architecture is reminiscent of what you might find, for example, in Brussels, with that Gothic and ornate style that is so typical of Central Europe.

This square is home to some of the most historically significant tourist attractions in the area. Such as, for example, the Fischbrunnen fountain. While you are in this area, we recommend you visit the historic center of the city. This could take you all morning.

A good way to carry out your visit is to go through the three gates that are still so well preserved. You will see that its streets are full of charm and stores where you can buy souvenirs or enjoy the local gastronomy and some sweet treats.

Remember to head inside the religious buildings, such as the Cathedral or St. Michael’s Church. Depending on your level of interest in these types of spaces, your visit may be a longer or a shorter one.

You can walk to the Royal Palace and see a huge building of great importance in the city. Your final stop may be the Englischer Garten. This way, you can also discover the lively and always bustling river area of the city.

When dinner time rolls around, you might want to head back to where you came by another route to fall in love with the life and vibes that you can always find in Karlsplatz. You will find many typical Bavarian bars and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Day 2, time to get to know some monuments in depth

Nymphenburg Palace is one of the glorious works of architecture that define the German Empire, and is not to be missed. The next landmark building you have to visit is the Asam Church. It is surprisingly ornate and beautiful.

Both visits could take you the whole morning, especially if you take the opportunity to visit and walk around the palace, which has unique and charming rooms. At midday, there is a place where you should definitely go to eat to discover part of the central hub of the city, the Viktualienmarkt.

Here you can find all kinds of stalls and get lost in some of the most interesting gastronomic proposals this country has to offer. You will also have the opportunity to taste the incredible Middle Eastern gastronomy, which is sure to delight you.

As for the afternoon route, here we give you two options. One of them is to go to the BMW museum, and the other is to enjoy walking through the beautiful Olympiapark. On the outskirts of the city, this is a popular spot among young people and many locals to enjoy an afternoon.

If you go there in summer, this stop will be key for you to see how people live and make the most of the weather in Germany.

Finally, for dinner you can head back to the center. It will be easier for you to find restaurants that always cook up something delicious there.

Day 3: explore other zones

If you have a car at your disposal, then the best thing to do is to get out of Munich. This German city has a lot to offer, but its surroundings are full of breathtaking Bavarian nature, and castles with stories to tell.

An incredible stop is the Neuschwanstein Castle. One of the most beautiful military enclaves that is still standing today. It is straight out of a fairy tale. If you want to discover one of the most famous and spectacular cities in the world, do not hesitate to visit Salzburg.

This Austrian city, where Mozart was born, will be waiting for you with open arms. A real treat for lovers of Central European architecture. In addition, you will only need a car to get around, as the journey is not too long.

Remember that, to make the most of your time, it will be very useful to have a rental car in Munich with OK Mobility and we can help you find the best option.

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