Castles near Munich: discover the most interesting ones

The castles near Munich are not to be missed. We tell you which are the most important!

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Traveling in Europe offers many advantages. It is easy to cross borders from one country to another and get to know the diversity of each culture it encompasses, especially if you travel by rental car. Today we want to tell you about Germany, a country with a number of world-famous cities. In addition to the main tourist attractions, it also has other less popular, but no less interesting ones. This includes the castles near Munich. If you are going to visit this city, don't miss these spots!

Castles near Munich that you must visit

Germany's history is long and full of battles, such as those involving attacks on the Roman Empire. Ancient Germania and its barbarians became a feudal society in the Middle Ages. To protect their empire, they built huge fortresses throughout their lands. Mostly in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, but there are also some in the area around the Alps. 

If you are in the south, you only have to head west, and there you can discover the majestic castles near Munich. So you can be sure of exactly what you will find, here are the most important ones in the country. 

Neuschwanstein Castle

Located a few hours' drive south of Munich, and almost on the Austrian border, this is Germany's most iconic castle: Neuschwanstein. It stands as a true symbol of Bavarian royalty and its beauty is undeniable. 

Built in the 19th century by Louis II, better known as the Mad King, this fairytale castle was the inspiration for Disney's famous Sleeping Beauty Castle. Surrounded by the Bavarian Alps and breathtaking forests, Neuschwanstein Castle offers spectacular views and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Bavaria's romantic history.

Grafenburg Castle

And from the best known, we move on to one of the oldest. It is located in Rothenburg, a medieval town that is often visited as part of romantic trips to Germany. It is one of the most visited castles near Munich, as the main room has remnants of the original paint of the time, although it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1356. 

Other areas of interest in the castle are the flights of stairs and the gate leading to the gardens. The names you will see written on the walls are those of people who lost their lives in World War II. 

Harburg Castle

Harburg not only stands out for its castle, which is one of the largest in Germany, but also for being one of the best preserved medieval villages in the country. Its gigantic dimensions are protected by walls and lakes. 

Inside there are countless rooms and ballrooms, but also prisons and torture rooms. Fortunately, the castle is still open to the public today and can be visited on a tour, but a few years ago Michael Jackson almost bought it because he was fascinated by it. 

Burghausen Castle

Also very close to Austria, on the Salzach River, another medieval king built his castle. Not just any castle, but the most secure fortress in the whole country to keep out potential invaders. It is the longest in the world, with six courtyards and a wall that is impassable. 

In addition to the space itself, inside there are collections of weapons and battle tanks. But one of the most interesting objects is the camera that was used in the first manned spacecraft flight. At night, the views in the distance are beautiful, as they illuminate the entire town of Burghausen. The interior, which is also not to be missed, can be rented for events. 

If you want to make the most of your getaway and have the freedom to move around both the most famous cities and other less accessible places, the most convenient option is a rental car in Munich. At OK Mobility we have pick-up points all over the country, so it's easy for you to plan your vacation with complete independence. 

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