Where can you take your dog with you on a trip?

What destinations can you travel to with your dog? Keep reading and discover the ones we show you in this post.

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Traveling with your dog, besides being a pleasure, is a different experience. Of course, your furry friend is part of your family, so how can you go on holiday without him? However, there are many people who don't know where they can take their best friend, and that's why today, we at OK Mobility want to tell you about some destinations that you can enjoy thanks to our cars. Why not come with us and discover those places that you are sure to love? Here we go.

First of all, things to keep in mind when traveling with your dog

First of all, you should consider whether your dog is used to traveling. By this we mean traveling by car or sleeping in houses that are not your own. If not, it's a good idea to help them get used to it. How? For example, you could have your dog sleep at a relative or friend's house so that it gets used to sleeping and resting in these places, and it is also a great idea to travel with your dog for a day, so that it gets used to the vehicle.

You should also make sure that your dog is healthy. For that, go to the vet and have a check up. Think about their age and health condition.

Another important thing is to choose a destination where you know that traveling with your dog will not be a problem. For example, you could do the Camino de Santiago perfectly, or go to the beach, or to the mountains, places where you can rest or eat properly. You should also be prepared in case of any veterinary emergency.

Where to go with your dog?

Fortunately, there are more and more hotels and accommodation in our country that are welcoming dogs. And that, for all lovers of these animals, is an advantage.

The Costa del Sol

What dog doesn't love the beach? That is why the Costa del Sol is a safe bet. Here you will find stunning beaches where traveling with your dog is allowed all year round. There are up to 7 beaches you can go to with your friend, there are some where there is only an area for them, but in others, they have the whole beach to run around and be themselves. These are the beaches in question:

  • Piedra Paloma Beach in Casares
  • Arroyo Totalán beach in Málaga
  • Tajo de la Soga Beach in Benalmádena
  • El Pinillo and Ventura del Mar in Marbella
  • Castle Beach in Fuengirola
  • Canina Torre del Mar

For us the best are the one in Torre del Mar, since it has more than 4,000 m, with a fountain and showers for dogs. It also has a swing, a tunnel and a jumping area. The other beach is the Tajo de la Soga, which has only been a canine beach for a very short time and is wonderful.


If what you are looking for when traveling with your dog is adventure, Asturias is the perfect place for activities related to nature, such as canoeing down the river Sella. All the companies, or nearly all of them, allow you to take your furry friend with you, but with an optional life jacket.

You can also do some paddle surfing with your dog if you prefer, but in Llanes. The waters of the Ría de Barro are calm and surrounded by countryside, making it ideal to do this activity, enjoying the scenery and the company of your four-legged friend.

Finally, also in Asturias, you can take a route through the Picos de Europa, where you will see the Covadonga Lakes and both of you will be amazed. Remember that this environment is a National Park, so your friend must always be on a leash.

Traveling with your dog to Mallorca

On an island? Of course! Mallorca is perfect for a holiday, with a lot of options and destinations to enjoy with your companion. Of course, the plane may not be the best choice for the trip, but that's not a problem, because you can take the ferry with any of our cars.

This island has up to 6 "pet-friendly" beaches. What is more, you can take a fantastic boat trip with your dog to the cape of Formentor.

On the other hand, most restaurants, hotels and bars in Palma de Mallorca admit dogs, so you won't have any problem stopping for a break and a coffee.

As you can see, traveling with your dog is much easier than you think. But we want you to tell us, have you been to any of these places with your furry friend?

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