Best sunsets in Mallorca

The most charming sunsets in Mallorca. We tell you where to go to experience the authentic Balearic island in all its beauty.

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The sunsets in Mallorca are one of the most beautiful attractions of the island, and here we tell you where you can see the best ones.

Why are the sunsets in Mallorca so famous?

If you have never traveled to the Balearic Islands, you are probably asking yourself this question. Although it is just as likely that anyone in your life who has been there has told you the same thing: don't miss the sunset.

The truth is that the geography of all the Balearic Islands is spectacular, and offers the privileged spectacle of seeing how the sun sinks into the sea, creating an image full of color and beauty. However, among all of them, Mallorca is probably the most interesting of all.

The reason for this lies in its mountainous and rugged landscape, which is very conducive to this type of phenomena. At a considerable altitude, you will be able to experience one-of-a-kind sunsets. However, it is important that you know where to watch them from, and we are going to tell you that here.

Where are the best places to enjoy the sunset in Mallorca?

These are the best spots:

Sant Elm

This small Mallorcan village is, without a doubt, the main location we encourage you to visit, for several reasons. One of them is that the village itself has a series of balconies integrated exclusively to help spectators enjoy the sunset. A unique experience.

In addition, another interesting feature of the area is that you can see how the sun sets behind a small island just a little out in front of this town. This combination makes for a simply unique spectacle. You are sure to love it.

You can take the opportunity to do some sightseeing in the area. From coves to small urban centers, there is a lot to discover. You'll just need a car, and we can help you with that!

Port de Sóller

This is one of the most emblematic places on the island. To see the sunset, you can get here via an old and classic wooden train, typical of the region. An adventure you will love.

In addition, as you can imagine, all the surrounding coves have a fairytale-like charm. You can swim and enjoy the time you spend in this area. Our advice? Spend the day in the coves, head up to see the sunset and discover the lively atmosphere of Sóller at night.

Sa Calobra

Perhaps you would prefer to watch the sunset from a more secluded and intimate location. Although it is true that this is one of the most famous beaches of the island, the best plan is to spend the whole day there, to enjoy it in all its splendor.

Sa Calobra has two arms of land on its sides, so you can see the sun set right between them. An incredible experience that you can share with your travel companions and that is sure to leave you speechless.

Keep in mind, though, that you will have to leave the beach before it gets completely dark, as it can be a little more complicated as night draws in. There is nothing like prevention to enjoy an activity to the fullest.

Ses Salines Lighthouse

We mentioned above that this island has a rocky and mountainous nature, but not in this area. This part of the island stands out for being much flatter, manageable and easy to walk. In addition, it is full of the legendary Mallorcan salt mines.

A factor as important as the landscape makes sunsets in this area very different from those in any other part of Mallorca. Precisely for this reason, we encourage you to come during your stay to enjoy a show of this size.

Finally, keep in mind that there are many points of interest in this area that you will enjoy discovering. So, do not deprive yourself of such an opportunity.

La Trapa

Finally, the most mysterious spot on the island. An abandoned monastery, a unique crag... This region is full of legends, stories and charm. Undoubtedly, a spectacular geographical point to enjoy the end of the day.

Now you know where to find the best sunsets, You only need to rent a car with OK Mobility in Mallorca to explore the island at your leisure. We are here to help you with everything you need!

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