Best viewpoints in Mallorca

The viewpoints of Mallorca offer spectacular views of the island. ✔ Find out which are the most stunning for your trip!

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Mallorca is one of the most popular Balearic islands. Besides being the largest of the archipelago, it is also one of the most beautiful, not only of these islands, but of the whole country. Perhaps because of its shape and location, or perhaps simply because it is a privileged spot, the viewpoints in Mallorca where you can enjoy breathtaking views are spread all over the island. If you are going there on vacation, don't miss the most stunning. 

Discover the charms of Mallorca

When you think of the Balearic Islands, the first thing that comes to mind is the nightlife, world-famous Ibiza and its coves, which are especially quiet in Formentera. However, and if we focus on Mallorca in particular, there is a lot more than beaches on this island. There are natural parks such as the Albufera, the Tramontana mountain range, reservoirs that look like lakes such as Gorg Blau, islets and even caves. 

But besides all these unexpected gems, today we want you to discover the viewpoints of Mallorca. While this island will fascinate you with its varied colors and landscapes wherever you go, these spots offer incomparable views. And there are all kinds of viewpoints around the island, from official spaces for you to snap the best panoramic views with your camera, to more hidden corners, perfect to enjoy a moment of romance. 

Essential viewpoints in Mallorca to see during your visit to the island

Formentor viewpoint

The Formentor viewpoint is located next to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, which is another place of interest that should be on your list to visit. This is the northernmost part of the island and is located in the Tramuntana mountain range. Here you can admire the blue Mediterranean Sea while walking along the arid rocks of the mountains. It is the most popular viewpoint on the island, so there are always people enjoying the views there. 

Sa Calobra viewpoint

If you are going to travel around by car or motorcycle, which is recommended so that you can discover all the island has to offer, the road to Sa Calobra is one of the best routes in Mallorca that you must take. Also known as the tie knot, it has twelve hairpin bends extending over 13km at an altitude of 800 meters. In addition to having the sea in the background, views of the natural Torrent de Pareis gorge await you. 

La Victoria, Alcúdia

If in addition to spectacular views, you want to take in a beautiful sunset, the viewpoint of La Victoria will not disappoint. Also located in the north and 150 meters above sea level, in the town of Alcúdia, there are other places nearby that you will love. For example, a hermitage dating back to the thirteenth century, so it has a medieval aesthetic, and a restaurant where you can recharge your batteries. 

Sa Foradada

This is one of the best known because it is also perfect for enjoying the sunset. After taking in the views, we recommend you take the local trail, which will take you to the Casas de Son Marroig and a spot where you can take a dip. 

Santuari de Cura, Randa

If you like testing yourself and fancy a challenge, we suggest that instead of driving up this road, you do it by bicycle. It is almost 550 meters above sea level, but after the effort you exert in getting up there, your reward will be 360º views to contemplate. These include flat green areas, the Tramuntana or the Bay of Palma. The summit is called Puig de Randa and there lies the Santuari de Cura. 


For those looking for places away from the typical tourist spots, this is one of the viewpoints in Mallorca that will allow you to enjoy complete tranquility in such a popular destination. In this village, you will have to follow some stairs that lead to a balcony. This is where you can take in the beautiful sight. And if you get hungry, take the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the restaurant


If you are in Sa Torre, make sure to visit one of the lesser known viewpoints of Mallorca. The views overlook the Bay of Palma and the cliffs of the area. From here you can follow a path that descends and leads down to the sea. If you go in the warmer months, take the opportunity to complete the visit with a refreshing dip. 

These are just some of the viewpoints you can discover on the island, rent your car in Mallorca with OK Mobility and find all the others!

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