Where to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik

Watching the sunset in Dubrovnik is one of the best things to do in this city. Discover the best places to do it!

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One of the best trips you can organize if you travel to Croatia is to locate the best places to see the sunset in Dubrovnik. This experience will make your trip to Croatia unforgettable and is sure to give you an indescribable sensation. In this article, we tell you the best spots to watch it happen.

The best places to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik

Traveling to Croatia usually involves several days in Dubrovnik as an absolute must. This city has become one of the most touristic in the country, not only for its fortified medieval aesthetic, but for all the activities you can do during your stay.

If there is one thing we recommend you not to miss, it is to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik and experience wonderful sensations that are difficult to put into words. And, so that your experience is the best it can be, we are showing you the best places to watch the sunset in Dubrovnik.


For lovers of medieval forts and castles, Dubrovnik is the perfect city for watching the sunset. Here are our recommendations:

  • St. John’s Fortress: from the historic center itself you can reach St John’s fortress, which today houses the maritime museum. This is, in fact, the oldest fortress, dating back to the 14th century. At the edge of the Adriatic Sea, this is one of the best places to watch the sunset.

  • Fort Bokar: Game of Thrones fans can watch the sunset from Fort Bokar, one of the most recognizable settings of the series. To reach it you can head there from the center, or you can choose to access it by kayak or boat.

  • St. Lawrence Fortress: this fortress, which in Croatian is known as Lovrijenac, was one of the most important points of defense because of the views it offers thanks to its location. And, for that reason, today it is one of the places in Dubrovnik where most people gather to watch the sunset.

  • Medieval wall: watching the sunset is a treat from any part of the wall surrounding Dubrovnik.


How about watching the sunset on the beach? If so, we recommend one of these three strategic points to do so:

  • Dance Beach: what makes this beach an interesting enclave is that it is where locals gather to watch the sunset. The fact that it is a rocky beach also means there are not as many tourists as on other beaches, so it is perfect to enjoy the sunset with a little more tranquility.

  • Sveti Jakov Beach: St. Jacob's beach (according to its translation) is another of the most magical places to end the day. It also offers incredible views of the historic center, but if you go, keep in mind that there is a staircase with more than 160 steps.

  • Banje Beach: this is one of the most famous and touristic beaches in Dubrovnik with white sand and crystal clear water. Although it tends to be more crowded than others, it is perfect to stay and watch the sunset if you have children.


If you would prefer a mountainous location to watch the sunset, we have two good recommendations near Dubrovnik:

  • Mount Srd: getting to the top of Mount Srd to see the sunset is something that every tourist should do, and therefore, in high season it is one of the spots where the most people gather at that time. You can get there by cable car or by taking a walk that, although it takes less than an hour, is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

  • Sivi Soko Viewpoint: also known as 'gray falcon'. It is found on the outskirts of Dubrovnik, entering the Konavle Valley, a place where vineyards, farms and very special natural spaces coexist, because it connects the sea with the mountains. The Sivi Soko viewpoint can only be reached by car, adding to the list of reasons why it is a good idea to rent a car in Dubrovnik. From here you can see the sunset illuminating the entire area of this valley, something that is truly magical.

As you can see, there are a number of points from which watching the sunset in Dubrovnik becomes an extrasensory experience. So why not try more than one? If you are going to travel to this Croatian region, it is important for you to know that you can rent a car with in Dubrovnik with OK Mobility whenever you need to look for more amazing sunsets in the surroundings, just let us know!

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