Road trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Road trip from Split to Dubrovnik passing through the best destinations in Croatia, discover all the possibilities of this trip.

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Going on a road trip from Split to Dubrovnik has become one of the most attractive options for tourists wanting to discover and fall in love with Croatia. If this sounds like the trip for you, here is how you can plan out your perfect route.

Places to visit on your road trip from Split to Dubrovnik

This country has become, in recent years, one of the most interesting to visit. So, in this article we want to give you some ideas on how to make a perfect and totally unique road trip. Take note.

Discover all Split has to offer

The first thing to do is to make the most of this city and the surrounding area. Situated in the north of the country, Split is the second biggest city in the country, and has a beautiful historic center that is worth visiting, with ancient palaces.

The area’s gastronomy deserves a special mention, so be sure to visit one of the many restaurants beisde the beautiful harbor area. However, the surrounding area also hides particularly interesting secrets. For example, the city of Trogir is a must-see, a real gem.

We also recommend a visit to the cathedral in Sibenik, very close to Split. It is a beautiful coastal region. And, if you're looking to get in touch with nature, then there's nothing like discovering Krka National Park. Enjoy its wild nature and its waterfalls. In fact, in some areas of the river you can even take a nice refreshing dip.

Road to Makarska Waterfront

Starting your road trip, and leaving the vicinity of Split, it is time to head toward one of the most interesting coastal areas in the whole country: Makarska.

This city has an undeniable appeal that will steal your heart. But there are many other points of interest in the surrounding area that will steal your heart, and that need to be discovered.

You can take the ferry to the island of Brac, where you will find the beautiful beach of Bol, one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. We also recommend a visit to the island of Hvar. A tourist enclave full of charm and beauty that you will love.

While on the island, we recommend you visit Stari Grad. You can reach the island by ferry, to travel in total comfort.


This Croatian city has a lot of charm and areas of interest that you should explore. Don't forget about the surroundings either, which we will discuss now.

After spending some time taking in the touristy sights of the city, we encourage you to take another ferry to Korčula, an island of tremendous importance that also provides a unique view of the Adriatic Sea. Discovering all the charms that the Croatian coast has to offer will be well worth your time.

Finally, along this route there is nothing like Trpanj. It is a coastal city that means you can enjoy the beaches of the country and many regions of interest in the surrounding area.

Arrival in Dubrovnik

Once you are in the city, make the most of it. Its historic center is totally unique, one of the best preserved in Europe, and was chosen as one of the settings for Game of Thrones for a reason.

The outskirts of the city are particularly interesting and striking. Don't stay out of the car for too long and travel to some of the most interesting places, such as Mostar or Korçula. 

How to organize your road trip from Split to Dubrovnik

You will only need two things: a calendar and a vehicle. For the first part, it will depend a little on the time you want to spend on your adventure. One week to ten days is usually best. This way, you can stop whenever you feel like it to take a swim, or discover the incredible food this country has to offer.

The second thing you will need is a vehicle that allows you to travel around freely and enjoy this experience to the fullest. We make it easy for you, you can rent a car in Split with us and return it at our office in Dubrovnik to take a road trip through Croatia as beautiful as the one we have just proposed.

Now you know how to organize and prepare your road trip from Split to Dubrovnik. Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore Croatia in depth and make a trip with friends or as a couple that you will never forget.

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