The 4 most impressive lakes in Asturias

If you are planning a getaway, we are certain that the lakes of Asturias are among the destinations you should visit.

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Northern Spain is a perfect place to discover by car. Visiting cities full of history and nature in its purest form. If you are planning a getaway, we are certain that the lakes of Asturias are among the destinations you should visit. So don't think twice and hit the road, we will tell you the must-see places to visit.

Lakes of Covadonga

You cannot discuss lakes in Asturias without mentioning the lakes of Covadonga, which are the best known in the region. Not just because of their large size, but also because from there you can appreciate spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Both are glacial lakes located in the Picos de Europa National Park. The Enol is the largest and the first one on the route when you go up from the entrance to the park. It is surrounded by mountains and the environment is perfect for a tranquil walk.

Following the road you find Ercina Lake. Although it is a little smaller, from there you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Picos de Europa. It is also the starting point for several trails that will lead you to discover the natural environment of the area.

While you are visiting these lakes, don't miss the Mirador de la Reina. From this privileged enclave you can see a unique landscape made up of lakes, mountains and all the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Of course, before starting the ascent to the lakes, be sure to stop at the Basilica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga and the Holy Cave of Our Lady of Covadonga.

Lake Ubales, another of the best known lakes in Asturias

At an altitude of 1,690 meters, at the foot of Pico Cascayón, is Ubales Lake. An essential stop for anyone visiting the Redes Natural Park. It is a small lake of glacial origin, surrounded by forests and meadows, as is common in Asturias.

A quiet and picturesque spot that is well worth a visit. In addition, if you like hiking, in the area you can find routes of varying levels of difficulty. In fact, to reach it you will have to walk, because it is not accessible by car.

Saliencia Lakes

Among the lakes of Asturias we must highlight the lakes of Saliencia, located in the council of Somiedo. The first of these is Lake Cerveriz. With water that has a dark green, almost olive, tinge in autumn, it is less transparent than the other two lakes on our list.

The second lake of the trio is La Cueva. Its shape is completely closed, so it looks like a huge bowl. The eastern part is still used for pastoral purposes, while the north side has been more artificially adapted and is often used as a camping site, because it has a large area where it is possible to park vehicles.

The trio of Saliencia lakes is rounded off with the Black Lake, which is completely embedded in a large limestone Jou. Completely surrounded by vegetation, the environment of this lake is perfect to enjoy a quiet day immersed in nature.

Muniellos Lakes

In the western area of Asturias we find this set of lakes that are part of the Muniellos Nature Park, just between the municipalities of Ibias and Cangas del Narcea. There are four lakes of interesting sizes: La Peña, La Granda, La Honda and La Isla. But there are also two smaller lagoons that you shouldn't miss either. These are Peña Velosa and Aveizuna.

All these lagoons are of glacial origin and their dark water is due to the large amount of vegetation below the surface. In addition, the water is extremely cold.

It is important to take into account that you need authorization to visit the Reserva Integral de Muniellos. It is free, but you have to ask for permission, as access to this natural enclave is tightly controlled. On the other hand, although a high level of physical fitness is not required to visit the area, it is necessary to have a medium level of endurance, because the routes range from eight to 20 kilometers.

We are sure that you will love all of these lakes in Asturias if you are a nature lover. Head for this area, put on your hiking boots, and enjoy the natural environment. Do you need a rental car for your trips around Asturias? No problem, we are at your disposal!

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