Routes through the Basque Country by car: what you can't miss

The routes through the Basque Country that you can take by car are some of the most beautiful in Spain. We tell you what you can't miss!

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The Basque Country has a great number of places well worth a visit by car. One of the advantages of this region is that you can adapt the route according to the number of days you will spend there. So, whether you want to take advantage of a 3- or 4-day long weekend, or if you want to spend more than a week in these northern Spanish landscapes the options are endless. In this article, we show you the best routes through the Basque Country that you can take by car in 5 days, take note!

Routes through the Basque Country: what to see in 5 days

The route we suggest is designed as a 5-day trip, but you can reduce or extend it without any problems. And, if you do not want to drive to your destination, you can decide to rent a car in Bilbao, a simpler and more economical option where you won’t have to worry about transportation. Got it? Let's discover which routes through the Basque Country are the most interesting!

Day 1: Bilbao

If you start the roadtrip in Bilbao, you can take advantage of the first day to explore this great city. If you are going to visit the Guggenheim Museum, we advise you to plan ahead and book your tickets in advance. Other tourist sites worth visiting are the Santiago Cathedral, the Ribera market and the Artxanda viewpoint, which can be reached by a funicular. And, to end the day, we recommend a stroll through the historic center of Bilbao, ending in its famous Plaza Nueva, where you can add the finishing touches to your day by tasting all the pintxos you could want.

Day 2: Getxo - San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

The second day of the route, now with your car, you can start by visiting Getxo and its famous suspension bridge. Following the coastline, passing by the beach of Sopelana to reach the beaches of Barrika is extremely worthwhile. In fact, on one of them, Muriola beach, one of the scenes from Game of Thrones was filmed. 

Next, you can visit Butrón Castle, a medieval castle that has become well known for being one of the most photographed places on social media. From there, go up towards the north coast to finish the visit at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. This location, recognizable by its 241-step staircase leading up to the church, has become popular for having been the setting of Dragonstone in Game of Thrones.

Day 3: Urdaibai Reserve

The third day of the route can be spent visiting the Urdaibai biosphere reserve, declared as such by UNESCO in 1984. It is an area with 22,000 hectares of cliffs, mountains, rivers and beaches. On this day, we recommend you visit the towns of Bermeo, with a very marked fishing atmosphere in its aesthetics, and Mundaka, whose beach is known for its waves. And, of course, Gernika, a town located in the heart of the Urdaibai reserve with a high historical value. 

Day 4: Lekeitio - San Sebastian

After finishing the previous day's route in Lekeitio, the fourth day is perfect for touring the Basque coast and villages such as Ondárroa, Deva, Getaria and Zarautz. We recommend stopping at the Flysch cliffs in Zumaia. 13 kilometers in length, there are cliffs with a very characteristic shape: the rock strata form vertical walls as a result of the different hardness of erosion. These are also very recognizable as a Game of Thrones setting. And, if you are passionate about gastronomy, you should know that Karlos Arguiñano has his restaurant in Zarautz, which is now run by his children. 

Day 5: San Sebastian-Bilbao

The final day will be dedicated to strolling through the streets of San Sebastian, La Concha beach, the Miramar Palace and the historic center of the city, where the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and Mount Urgull are located. After lunch in the old part of San Sebastian, you can head back to Bilbao, a journey that takes about an hour and a quarter. 

As we have said, the routes through the Basque Country can be extended to fit your schedule. You can take the opportunity to do activities like surfing or hiking. And, if you are more fond of natural parks, you can visit the Gorbeia and Aizkorri parks, both near Vitoria. At OK Mobility we have the perfect car depending on the activity and routes you are going to do in the Basque Country, just give us a call!

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