5-day trip through Gambia

5 days in Gambia, discover this African country and travel to the most important and emblematic locations.

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A 5-day trip through Gambia is within reach. Here we explain how you can organize an incredible trip.

1. Arrival

The first thing to do will be to explore Banjul. As you probably already know, Gambia is a small African country, so the flight will most likely take you directly to the capital. In fact, this is where you can pick up your rental car to tour the beautiful territory of the surrounding area.

It is well worth taking a day to discover all the charms of this capital city, of which there are many. There are many options, in fact.

Albert Market and the Gambia National Museum are probably the two main tourist attractions to see. You should also check out some of the many restaurants that you will find, both in the downtown areas and in the markets of the city.

You will see that it is not a busy urban hub and, therefore, you will not find it an overwhelming place to visit at all. You can also walk along the Kairaba Avenue shopping area, which is very touristy and full of locals.

2. Travel to Abuko

This nature reserve is the perfect example of the local flora and fauna. It is just a few miles from the capital, so it is easily accessed by car.

Your second day can be planned to explore the nature in the area. You will also have the zoo nearby, and some much more rural and interesting craft markets, such as those found in the Craft Center.

Other options are the Bijilo Forest Park or the Bakau Museum. The latter is also a perfect place to soak up the local culture and history of the country.

When you get hungry, you can find local markets nearby, or you can also bring some food from the city for a picnic among the nature. You will see that this whole region is totally worth exploring.

3. Sanyang Beach

An hour's drive from the capital lies one of the most striking and touristic charms of this country: its beautiful white sand beach, Sanyang. This is a perfect place to relax, enjoy the heat and cool off in the sea.

You can also try out the coastal gastronomy, with fish and some very interesting local recipes. You will also be able to discover a unique and exuberant nature here as well. For example, the Tanji Bird Reserve.

If you are looking for a getaway that is a little different, very relaxed and a unique adventure, try going to the village of Kartong. It is a half-hour drive away, also in an area with lots of beaches. It is not a particularly touristy town, and we assure you that you will fall in love with it as soon as you set foot on its beaches.

4. Navigate the entire Gambia River

On the fourth day you can even drive to the Gambia River and board one of the many cruise ships that ply the river. A special event for tourists, you can marvel at the beautiful landscapes surrounded by water in this area.

In addition, the more adventurous among you can discover a unique site: James Island, a former hub of slave trade activity, but equally an enclave of unique beauty, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you get seasick on boats and are looking for an alternative, you can do hiking trails in the area or explore the city of Janjanbureh, with a significant historical past for the entire community.

This trip is as beautiful as many of the ones you can take through Morocco.

5. The great Kiang West park

To round off your 5 days in Gambia, the country's largest and most important national park is the perfect destination for your last day of travel. You will find lush nature to enjoy, and also a number of safari routes, if you feel like it.

Note that in this area you will also find many charming local villages. Perfect for a different kind of trip. For example: you can see Karantaba up close or even travel to one of the nearby islands, such as the Baboon Islands.

Remember that the best way to sightsee and fully enjoy the routes of this country is by renting a car in Gambia with OK Mobility.

Now you know how to plan your 5-day trip through Gambia. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to get in touch. We will help you with whatever you need.

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