OK Mobility gets ready for Paris 2024 with top Spanish athletes in our Road to the Games project

With a few months still to go to the Olympic Games Paris 2024, OK Mobility supports 7 Spanish athletes and teams in their preparation for the competition that is to take place in the French capital between July 26 and August 11.

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As part of OK Mobility’s commitment to the promotion of sports and the values they represent, they will accompany these young athletes as a mobility solution for their trips and travels required in a competition like this on an international scale.

OK Mobility will walk hand in hand with athletes competing in all kinds of categories, from fence to kayak, or triathlon,among others.

These Spanish top athletes are Yulen Pereira in fence, Fátima Gálvez in skeet shooting, Antía Jácome and Pablo Martínez in kayak, Miguel Alvariño in archery, Danny León in skate, Noelia Juan in triathlon, and Spanish water polo team.

Yulen Pereira takes fence to Paris

The Spanish fencer is already a seasoned athlete in competitions around the world. After not being able to attend the past Tokio games due to a knee injury, Yulen is getting ready now more determined than ever to make it to Paris and defend the Spanish colors.

OK Mobility will be with him on his journey to the games as they did in his past competition in Milan, becoming the perfect mobility solution around the Italian city.

Fátima Gálvez, the skeet shooting sensation

Fátima has become a sensation in this category in the Spanish sports scene. Her career is remarkable thanks to her skill and precision with skeet shooting.

After traveling the world to participate in hundreds of competitions, she is now getting ready together with OK Mobility for the Paris competition where she will for sure make it to a historic position.

Antía Jácome and Pablo Martínez row together to París

These two young promising athletes in the kayak category are preparing themselves for the competition as canoe sprinters. Both Antía and Pablo will compete with their teammates and are getting ready with the support of OK Mobility.

We will see them in Paris and see the results of the long and hard training they have endured during the months leading up to this decisive sporting event.

Danny León, the global skate star

After the debut of this sport in Tokyo 2020, skateboarding will be back again in Paris 2024. And Spain could not have had a better representation than Danny León,the current Spanish skateboarding phenomenon who participates in all kinds of international circuits.

His determination and passion for this sport transcend beyond the games because, for Danny, this new Olympic modality has made him grow both for the values it teaches and for the learnings on a personal level these last 20 years on wheels have given him.

Triathlon brings Noelia Juan to París

Swimming, cycling, and running are the three modalities that make up the triathlon, the sports category where we will see Noelia Juan compete. What started as an extracurricular activity is today the sport that will take Noelia to face top-level athletes in the Parisian terrain.

A long preparation and hard training will be the formula that will surely place Noelia on the podium of these upcoming games.

The male water polo national team is again in the games

The Spanish men's water polo team is already a veteran in the Olympic Games, with an impressive level and preparation that took them just one position away from the podium in the last Tokyo 2020 Games.

This new date in Paris will be an opportunity to place among the top three positions as one of the great powers of international water polo, having been proclaimed European Champions 2024 and Olympic Champions in Atlanta 96.

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