Cycling and mobility come together again this 2024 at Mallorca 312 OK Mobility

The roar of pedals and the beating of hearts merged last Saturday April 27th at the Mallorca 312 OK Mobility, a cycling race that once again challenged the limits of body and mind.

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Starting from the iconic Playa del Muro at 6:30 AM, more than 8,500 brave souls set out to conquer the distances of 167KM, 225KM, and 312KM. 

There was a wide range of ages among the participants, from 15-year-old youngsters to 76-year-old veterans, demonstrating that the passion for cycling has no limits.

The Mallorca 312 OK Mobility is more than a race; it is a personal challenge, against oneself and against nature. Because of values, OK Mobility has demonstrated its commitment as the title sponsor for the second consecutive year.

Additionally, they had a presence with their own stand promoting an exciting experience and with the creation of

OK Mobility Team

In this year’s edition, OK Mobility has brought to life the OK Mobility Team, a group of cyclists who competed in the tough race wearing the brand's distinctive jersey. The team was made up of a wide range of talents, from renowned cyclists to young promises, ensuring a diverse and thrilling representation in the 2024 Edition.

Comprising nine cyclists, the OK Mobility Team was led by Alberto Contador, winner of 7 Grand Tours (Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España, and Tour de France) between 2008 and 2014.

Additionally, it featured Mallorca talent such as Llorenç Tomás, Fran Bennassar, Sergi Amengual, and Elies Ros, who achieved fifth place in the 167KM.

Local talent was also represented by Ainhoa Moreno, winner of the 167KM distance in 2023, and Yessica Pérez, who reached the podium in 3rd place in the 167KM distance.

Additionally, the OK Mobility Team featured two outstanding international cyclists, Italian Andrea Pusateri and Austrian Patrick Hagenaars, winner of the 225KM distance in 2023 and one of the fastest in the 312KM distance in 2024.

Displaying stories of triumph, courage, and dedication, the members of the OK Mobility Team reaffirmed their ability to face challenges with determination. 

OK Mobility Scalextric

At the OK Mobility stand in the Expo Zone, visitors found an exciting fusion between the classic Scalextric game and the world of cycling.

This innovative Scalextric circuit was powered by bicycles and allowed friends and family to challenge each other to reach the podium in this thrilling challenge.

Prizes were awarded to the top six winners, divided into male and female categories. The top three finishers in each category received a free registration for the 2025 Edition.

Additionally, all participants received merchandise and a car sticker with the message "Respect the Cyclist," as part of the "Cyclist Manifesto" project promoted by OK Mobility. 

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