Cabárceno Natural Park

Cabárceno Natural Park (Cantabria) is a tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. 

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Cabárceno Natural Park (Cantabria) is a tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Inaugurated in 1990, it has become a refuge for a wide range of animal species, as well as a space for conservation and environmental education. With an area of 750 hectares, it is located in a former iron mine.

The best of Cabárceno Natural Park

Cabárceno is much more than a conventional zoo. Unlike other similar sites, at Cabárceno the animals live in large open-air spaces that resemble their natural habitat. This approach allows visitors to look at the animals in conditions almost equal to those they would have in the wild, providing an educational and exciting experience.

One of the most caring elements is its commitment to the conservation of endangered species. Cabárceno actively participates in captive breeding programs for endangered animals. This helps to preserve many endangered species. 

Environmental education

In addition to its focus on conservation, Cabárceno Natural Park is an ideal place for environmental education. In addition, educational activities and workshops are organized for students and visitors. These educational programs allow people to learn about biodiversity, ecology and the importance of the natural environment. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with experts and learn about wildlife and conservation.

The diversity of animals is astounding. From majestic lions to adorable red pandas, there are many species here. Rhinos, elephants, giraffes and tigers are also among the most popular attractions. The habitats allow these animals to live naturally and comfortably.

This natural area is not only home to mammals, but also to fascinating birds and reptiles. Visitors can observe birds of prey in flight, watch the beauty of flamingos and the grace of penguins as they glide through the water. Reptile lovers can enjoy the snake and crocodile exhibit, learning more about these creatures.

The essential things to do in Cabárceno Natural Park

The landscape is another highlight. The rock formations, lakes and dense forests create breathtaking scenery. There are well-marked trails that allow people to explore the area on foot, providing opportunities to enjoy nature in its purest form.

The experience goes beyond animal observation. The area also has picnic areas and restaurants where you can enjoy the food and the panoramic view of the landscape. There are also playgrounds for children. The facilities are designed to ensure comfort and a complete and pleasant experience.

Natural surroundings

In this sense, the history of this space is as interesting as its natural environment. Before becoming a wildlife refuge, this place had an industrial history. In the 1850s, the area had an iron ore mine that operated until the mid-20th century. After the mine closed, nature began to reclaim the land, creating a unique and diverse landscape.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the 1980s, when the regional government of Cantabria decided to create this space. However, instead of building cages, an animal welfare-friendly approach was chosen. For this reason, the site is pioneering in animal welfare and this has been fundamental to its success.

Place of worship for science

In addition to its conservation achievements, it has become an important research center. Scientists and biologists work there, studying animal behavior and developing conservation techniques. This work not only benefits the species, but also sheds light on animal behavior in general, providing valuable insights for the scientific community. Along this line, work with significant social impact is done there that generates interest.

How to arrive?

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