What to see in and around Nice

What to see in Nice: Discover one of the most interesting places in all of France, we tell you what to see.

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If you are wondering what to see in Nice, we would like to give you some ideas about one of the most interesting French cities. Take note so you don't miss anything in this beautiful region.

What to see in Nice

Here we have prepared a route through the city itself so that you know which sights you shouldn't miss. All you have to do is have your suitcase ready.

Stroll through the city

The historic center of this beautiful French city is bound to impress you. It is popular with tourists, so it is very lively. That's why a simple stroll can help you get an enjoyable idea of how much this place has to offer.

Take a leisurely stroll and make sure to enter the charming local businesses in town.

Promenade des Anglais

This street is almost 7 kilometers long, and runs all along the beach, where you can enjoy the sea breeze, lots of bars, restaurants and plenty of action. Without doubt, it is a very pleasant place to spend mornings or sunsets.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Built in a distinctive Russian style, this is the largest orthodox cathedral outside Russia itself. It is a remarkable feature and one that is very easy to see.

Flower market

Are you keen on seeing how city people live? Do you like to get a feel of the cities you visit? Then you know that the best way to do this is to go to the central markets. The flower market is the most characteristic and pleasant of Nice.

What is more, the buildings in this area are historical monuments full of life and color. It is a pleasant area to have a coffee.

What to see in and around Nice

The region around Nice is absolutely spectacular. Full of charming villages with a lot of history, here are some of the best options. Besides, you won't need much to enjoy them. It will be enough for you to have a rental car in Nice at your disposal that will allow you to visit these places:


A small town on the border with Italy that is bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. It is not at all hard to reach and you can enjoy a relaxing day strolling through an idyllic place.

It is also an excellent location on the blue coast. So, if you feel like spending a day at the beach, you can just do that. You will be amazed by its crystalline waters.

Villa Rothschild

For centuries, Nice was also a place that attracted the extremely wealthy and all the European royalty. After all, its beautiful beaches and unique climate are unbeatable in the warmer summer months.

In this case, this Renaissance palace offers a spectacular visit through its hall and gardens. By visiting by car you will be able to absorb a little of the history that still throbs in this region and enjoy its impressive nature.


One of the most famous film festivals in the world takes place in this beautiful coastal town. It is one of the places around Nice that you shouldn't miss if you are trying to have a complete experience of the place.

This town is full of life all year round and is a must-see destination. With a beautiful port, great restaurants and nearby beaches, it is a perfect destination. Whatever time of the year you go, you are sure to enjoy it.


With a unique church and a castle crowning the mountain, this small village makes for perfect scenery. The advisable option is to go there by car, since walking can be totally exhausting.

It is a very pleasant town with an interesting history. It is a reference in the whole area, so keep it in mind. You will also find restaurants full of delicious local food that you will love.

What to see in Nice if you are looking for beaches

A coast as beautiful as this one is not to be missed. One plan that can not fail in your route is to get into a car and tour its endless beaches and coves, to enjoy a unique summer in the Mediterranean. Moreover, as it is a quite warm area, you can also travel in spring and even in early autumn and enjoy spectacular weather. This time you have no excuse!

Now you know what to see in Nice. Remember that, if you need to rent a vehicle, it couldn't be easier than doing it with us. Visit our website and we will help you with everything you need to enjoy the Côte d'Azur as you have always dreamed of doing!

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