What to see near Pisa

What to see near Pisa. Are you spending several days in the city? Take the opportunity to discover the surrounding area, full of charming villages.

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Planning your next getaway? If you already know that your destination will be the beautiful Italian city of Pisa, you can take advantage of your stay in Tuscany to learn more about the area. Our recommendation is that you rent a car and make an itinerary to know what to see near Pisa.

The must-sees of Pisa

Before starting your tour of the surrounding area, you should spend some time getting to know Pisa in more detail. This city, which receives millions of visitors every year and is world famous for its leaning tower, has a lot to offer.

The good thing is that it is a small city, so in one or two days you will have seen the most important things. Of course, the first point of interest is the tower, which is the bell tower of the Duomo. The history of its curious inclination is long, because it has been occurring since its construction began in 1173, and is due to the fact that the soil in the area is very clayey and the foundations of the building have very little depth.

In addition to taking the typical photo in which you look like you are holding up the tower, don't miss the opportunity to climb to the top (you must book your ticket in advance) and admire the view.

Next to the tower you will find the Duomo or Cathedral of Pisa, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Inside, don't miss a single detail, take a good look from floor to ceiling and you will be left dumbstruck.

From there you can continue your route to the Baptistery. Its acoustics are recognized worldwide, and what you can't miss are the views of the Cathedral if you go up the side stairs to the top of this building.

Also make a note on your list of places to see:

  • Cemetery or monumental cemetery.
  • Piazza del Duomo.
  • Piazza dei Cavalieri.
  • Church of Santa Maria della Spina.
  • Corto Italia (the most commercial street of the city) and the Ponte di Mezzo.

What to see near Pisa

Once the visit to the city is over, it is time to take the car and go to the surrounding area. Nearby, spectacular spots are waiting for you.


If you have time to spare on your trip, travel from Pisa to Florence. It is not a long trip, and you will be able to make the most of the day if you leave early. Although Florence is almost infinite, you can make a quick visit in one day, and come back later with more time.

Among the points not to be missed, we highlight the following:

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.
  • Baptistery of San Juan.
  • Giotto's bell tower.
  • Brunelleschi's dome.
  • Piazza del Mercato Nuovo.
  • Piazzale Michelangelo.


If you like villages with medieval aesthetics, you will love Lucca. A small hidden gem in Tuscany that is only 20 kilometers from Pisa.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights are the Renaissance walls, which are very well preserved. In addition, in the historic center you will find numerous monuments.

San Gimignano, a good choice if you are looking for things to see near Pisa

As soon as you arrive in this town you will discover the real reason why it is nicknamed "the medieval New York".

A charming town that has managed to maintain its classic medieval style like few others, with a skyline in which several bell towers that resemble real skyscrapers stand out.

The Chianti region

What we propose to you now is a driving tour through different villages of the Chianti region. Along the way, you can stop to buy some wine to taste when you return home, but don't forget to enjoy the scenery, which is the most important thing in this case.

This region is full of small villages that base their lifestyle on wine production, nestled in the midst of beautiful valleys, and which you reach through winding roads. Some of the most popular towns in this area are Radda, Greve, Castellina, Gaiole and Montefioralle.

Cinque Terre

In less than two hours by car you can reach Cinque Terre from Pisa, one of the most famous destinations in the area. You will be surprised by its beautiful colorful houses and, if the weather is nice, you won’t be able to resist a dip in the deep blue sea.

The region is made up of five villages; if you organize your visit well, you can see them all in one day. Of course, you will have to get up early.

If you were wondering what to see near Pisa, you've just discovered it's a region full of interesting destinations that you're sure to love, so don't hesitate, start packing your bags now. Will you need a rental car when you get to your destination? We'll be in Pisa waiting for you!

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