The most beautiful towns and villages in Malta

The towns and villages in Malta exude beauty in every corner. We tell you our favorites and why!

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The Maltese archipelago is one of the smallest countries in Europe. And because of its isolated location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it often goes unnoticed as a travel destination. But if you have only recently become aware of its potential and want to give it a chance, you will not regret it, especially when you see the beauty of the towns and villages of Malta mentioned in this article.

Where is Malta and why travel there?

Malta is an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy, located off the coast of Sicily and north of the coast of Africa, near Tunisia and Libya. It is made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, and although there are actually more, these are the only three that are inhabited.

Due to its privileged location, it was a disputed territory among multiple civilizations and empires, including the Romans, the French, the countries of the Great Maghreb and the British. Today, all those conflicts have left an interesting cultural and historical legacy, with megalithic monuments, medieval fortresses and baroque cities.

Now that no one is interested in conquering it, this country has become a tourist attraction, because of its mild temperatures, its natural beauty and how well it has adapted to the needs of visitors.

But since these are islands, if you really want to explore all its paradisiacal corners, as well as the villages of Malta that we recommend, the most convenient way to do so is to rent a car in Malta and OK Mobility makes it easy for you. We offer excellent prices and unbeatable conditions. Check out the details and start planning your getaway, because these are Malta's must-visit towns and villages.

Most beautiful towns and villages in Malta to visit


Known as the Silent City, Mdina is a medieval town that seems to have been stuck in time. With traditional narrow cobblestone streets, imposing city walls and panoramic views, you'll love getting lost in its labyrinth and enjoy what each one has to offer.

Mdina was the ancient capital of Malta until 1570 and this can still be seen in its palaces and churches. It was the setting for Game of Thrones, and its main points of interest are the cathedral of Mdina, Palazzo Falson and Vilhena Palace, or St. Paul’s Catacombs.


Another of Malta's best known villages is Marsaxlokk, a fishing village on the southeast coast of the country. It is famous for its picturesque harbor and its traditional luzzus which are colorful wooden boats. In addition, on Sundays the town is full of life thanks to the fresh fish market, where you can taste authentic delicacies fresh from the sea. Some specialties are lampuki or dorado, and the famous pastizzi, which are stuffed pasties. It is also perfect for a swim and a relaxing day.

Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua

These three towns in Malta are known as "The Three Cities", and each of them has no more than 2,000 inhabitants. They are usually grouped together because they are all opposite Valletta and follow one after the other. Since they are so small, you can complete a visit to them in a few hours. In addition, you will notice that they are quite similar.


Located on the island of Gozo, Munxar is the perfect village for those who are looking to enjoy wild nature. With its incredible Sanap cliffs, you will be able to observe the contrast between the stark abyss before them and the serenity of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In the surrounding area, you can walk along the Heritage Trail, which will also take you to Ta' Sanap, il-Kantra and Xlendi Bay, and take in the native flora and fauna. If you like to scuba dive, this is a good spot for it.


Xlendi is a village that is also on the island of Gozo, and is known for its beautiful beaches next to the bays and cliffs, and it is also home to several sea caves that can be visited. And if that were not enough, it also has Punic tombs, several chapels and a tower that served as protection against pirates.


And we end on another of Malta's most famous villages: Mgarr. It is located above a small bay full of boats. The streets are very colorful thanks to the facades, and as for places to visit, highlights include the iconic church, in its neo-Gothic style.

If you want to visit these towns and many more, get your rental car in Malta with Ok Mobility and don't waste any time getting around each island!

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