Guide to traveling by campervan: Rules, tips and best practices

Traveling by campervan is an increasingly popular vacation option. Here are some interesting recommendations and tips.

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Tourism in this type of vehicle has seen a significant upturn over the last few years, with increases of up to 30% in just one year. Traveling by campervan has become an increasingly in-demand option due to the fact that it is a way to reduce the cost of accommodation, and the enormous flexibility it offers when stopping at one destination or another. However, if you have never traveled in this type of van, it is a good idea to take a number of things into account before doing so. In this article, we reveal the keys to traveling by campervan, so don't miss it!

Tips for traveling by campervan

First of all, it is a good idea to explore some general questions that may influence the decision of which campervan to choose if you are going to rent one of these vehicles during your vacation

When are you going on vacation?

If you are going to use the campervan in summer, you can check whether it has good ventilation, for example, in the kitchen, because most of the time you will be eating outside. On the other hand, if you are traveling in winter, it is important that the amenities are appropriate for the season. 

Improvise, but not too much

Improvisation is one of the great attractions offered by this type of tourism, insofar as you do not have to book accommodation in advance. However, you should consider where you can park your campervan. For example, look for campsites where you can park your campervan without any problems. 

Organization is key

Campervans are equipped with all the basics to meet the needs of travelers, but the space they offer is limited. Therefore, it is essential to organize food supplies, personal hygiene and objects that you are going to bring, and sacrifice all the extra things you usually put in your suitcase "just in case." 

Check the rules of the road at your destination

If you are going to travel by campervan outside of your country, make sure you are familiar with all the traffic regulations of the country you are traveling to. You should also check if there are specific regulations for this type of vehicle, since ignorance does not exempt you from complying with them. 

Check the condition of the campervan

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of the tires, the battery, check the fuel tank, etc. However, if you decide to rent a campervan, you will not have to worry about this issue, since it will be delivered in perfect condition and with all the revisions passed. Likewise, if you have rented your campervan, spend the first few minutes getting to know it well and familiarizing yourself with its interior spaces. 

Traveling by campervan: best practices

Campervan tourism is a little different from staying in conventional accommodation, and there are a series of good practices that you should carry out in order to make it responsible and sustainable:

Reverse into your parking space. If you look closely, you'll see that most campervans are parked in reverse, and there's a good reason for that. First of all, it is a question of safety, since if you have to leave urgently, it is much easier to do so if you can drive the campervan out forwards. And, in addition, to guarantee more privacy, since life inside enjoyed at the rear of the vehicle.

Always carry a small garbage can. As you don't know if the place you are going to spend the night has recycling containers or garbage cans nearby, remember to always carry one. In this way, you will be able to accumulate the waste you generate until you find a container to throw it out. Remember that keeping the environment clean is one of the unwritten rules of any campervan tourist. 

Grab a flashlight. If you are going to park in an isolated place, it is most likely that, at night, there will be no light. Therefore, it is always advisable to carry a flashlight to light up the environment if you decide to go out. 

Prepare a small first aid kit. It is always advisable to prepare an emergency kit with some basic products in case of need. 

If you are going to travel by campervan, remember that it is a form of sustainable, civic and responsible tourism. However, if you have any doubts before embarking on this adventure, at OK Mobility we are here to help you solve them. So, when you rent your campervan, you will be able to consult the most common doubts that usually arise among users, as well as all the European destinations you can go with your campervan.

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