What to see near Zagreb

Are you going on a trip to Croatia? Find out what to see near Zagreb and explore this beautiful country from north to south in your rental car.

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The capital of Croatia is a city full of history, culture and architectural beauty. However, it is not the only place that boasts these characteristics in this country. So, if you're traveling to Croatia, discover what to see near Zagreb and be amazed by its wonders.

Getting around Zagreb and the surrounding area

Today, every country in Europe has transportation systems that are quite well connected and allow you to visit the most popular cities and towns. However, just because it is the best known does not always mean that it is the best. So, if you are wondering what to see near Zagreb and you want to make the most of your vacation time, our recommendation is to rent a car at the airport.

With this option you can explore at your own pace and reach more remote places that are not as well served by public transportation. Plus, you can forget about waiting on station platforms or for crowded buses. And if you rent with OK Mobility, you won't even have to drive back to your starting point, Zagreb, to return it. For example, in Croatia you can also find us in Split. Dare to travel without limits!

What to see near Zagreb

Now that you know the full potential your vacation has, here are some suggestions of what to see near Zagreb.


Samobor is located only 20 kilometers west of Zagreb. It is a small town, but a favorite among travelers because it is a spa town. Perfect for relaxing, a stroll through its cobblestone streets to contemplate its colorful houses is a wonderful option. If you like nature, here you can lose yourself in its enormous forests. Inside, there is not only a whole host of animals, but also the spectacular ruins of a 13th century castle.


If you head slightly north, you can visit the country’s former capital, Varaždin. It is a historic city known for its impressive baroque architecture and beautiful gardens. Although it has never been a very popular destination, in the last decade tourism in this city has grown, as the New York Times named it as a city worth visiting. Because of its proximity to Austria, its buildings have a similar air.


About 80 kilometers north of Zagreb is Trakošćan Castle, an architectural beauty perched atop a hill. From here, you will have unbeatable panoramic views of the lake of the same name. This well-preserved castle will give you an idea of what aristocratic life was like in previous centuries, with rooms lavished with luxury and seemingly endless gardens.


This small town is 53 kilometers from the capital, with a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants. Although there is a 14th century castle like in many other cities, what really catches the eye here is the Neanderthal Museum. In 1899, the remains of Homo Krapinensis, a Middle Paleolithic preneanderthal, were found in this area. In total, there are 800 fossil remains of 75 different people, as well as utensils of various kinds.

Sveti Ivan Zelina

Just 30 kilometers east of Zagreb is Sveti Ivan Zelina. If you like wine, this town will become one of your favorite stops, as it produces excellent wine. You can stroll through the vineyards and visit some of the local wineries, and lose yourself in its cobblestone streets and charming traditional style houses.


Located about 15 kilometers northwest of the capital, Zaprešić is a town known for its rich history and relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, it could not be missing from the places to see near Zagreb. Points of interest include the Baroque-style Januševec Palace and the City Museum, with historical artifacts and local works of art.


Approximately one hour southwest of Zagreb lies Karlovac, a historic city with a privileged location on the banks of four rivers. For this reason, it is known as the "city on four rivers", but it is also famous for its peculiar urban design and its numerous parks and green areas. Visit the great Austrian fortress, the Franciscan Monastery and its baroque marble work or the Music School building.

With these recommendations you can start organizing your travel route. Rent your car in Zagreb with OK Mobility and travel around this beautiful country without limits.

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