Road trips through Galicia from Santiago de Compostela

These road trips through Galicia are the best way to discover everything this beautiful land has to offer.

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These road trips through Galicia are the best way to discover everything this beautiful land has to offer. However, you will need to plan your trip correctly to make sure you don’t miss anything you really want to see. That’s where we come in.

What are the best road trips through Galicia?

Santiago de Compostela is a great place to stay during your trip. With the airport nearby, it is easy to get there from anywhere and you can rent a car which will provide an easy way to move around different points.

1. Rías Altas

A Coruña is a contemporary city, and also a place full of atmosphere and shops. You can discover this beautiful city and visit the famous Tower of Hercules. This can be your first stop. Then, our advice is to go to places a little further away.

For example, in the Ría da Coruña, there are areas such as Oleiros or Bastiagueiro beach that are worth a visit. These spots are very popular with surfers, as you will be able to find a tremendous swell and abundant nature.

You can finish off your trip visiting the lighthouses along the coast until you reach Ortigueira. One of the most beautiful natural spots in northern Galicia. Take a little time to get to know this part of the Ferrol estuary, because we guarantee that you will fall in love with it.

2. Rías Baixas

Vigo and Pontevedra are the two main cities along the famous Rías Baixas. Both cities are well worth a visit. Pontevedra, with its beautiful historic center and a famous urban mobility policy, is a true paradise for those looking to explore the city on foot.

On the other hand, Vigo is full of atmosphere, music venues, events... You will love it! As for the Ría de Vigo, towns like Poio and Nigrán are well known and very famous, with a line of beautiful beaches. You are sure to enjoy visiting these areas in depth.

If you have the chance, you can also try camping in the Cíes Islands. It is a protected natural paradise where you can enjoy some of the best beaches in the world, and nature in its purest form.

And, of course, while you are in the Rías Baixas, don't forget to try some fresh seafood or fish dishes. You will be able to taste the best of what Galicia has to offer and, in addition, do so in the heart of the region.

3. From Pontedeume to Lugo

Now we propose a slightly longer route, but undoubtedly much more interesting. The first stop will be in Pontedeume, a small coastal town in the north where the Eume River flows through. There you will find something particularly interesting: the famous Fragas do Eume.

This is a lush and dense forest that has maintained the same species of plants for thousands of years, that is what is meant by fraga. You can take a beautiful walk up to a monastery at the top. Once you have visited this area, our advice is to go to the north of the province of Lugo, almost to the border with Asturias.

There you will find villages such as Foz and Viveiro, with an impressive seafaring tradition and a charm that defines the whole area of the Mariña Lucense. Your final destination is to visit the famous Praia das Catedrais. A true natural spectacle for which you will have to get a ticket, since it is usually heavily overcrowded nowadays.

4. A trip to the Ribeira Sacra, one of the best road trips through Galicia

Between Lugo and Ourense there is a beautiful natural area that surrounds both banks of the river Sil. This is the famous Ribeira Sacra. In this beautiful area you will be able to discover spectacular river beaches and a landscape cut into the river very similar to the Norwegian fjords.

Discover the whole of Lugo first. If you have time, you can visit O Courel, one of the biggest and most beautiful and green spaces in Galicia. And, afterwards, there is nothing like going to Ourense for a different experience.

First, because it is a beautiful and very lively city, with a lot to see and many wines to taste. And, secondly, because it has the famous natural hot springs. Waters spring from the Earth's magma at a very pleasant temperature and you can soak for as long as you like and at any time of the year. You will love it!

Now you know the main road trips through Galicia that you have to take when you visit this magical region. We can help you find the perfect car!

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