OK Mobility travels to the ½ NYC Half Marathon with runners Ana and Sergio Turull

In this new appointment with one of the most important races of the world running circuit, OK Mobility goes hand in hand with the ultra-distance runner Sergio Turull and in the company of his sister Ana, ready to fulfill one of her sporting dreams.

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The Big Apple was again in 2023 the scene of the mythical ½ Marathon that every year takes place there, bringing together more than 50,000 participants from around the world.

In this new edition, OK Mobility became the perfect companion for Sergio and Ana Turull, who were ready to complete the 21-kilometer race.

From Barcelona and Madrid to the Big Apple

In a marathon like New York’s, preparation is always a key factor for the success of the race. That’s why Ana, who lives in Madrid, and Sergio, who lives in Barcelona, where both are originally from, meet in the capital to train together and get ready for the trip ahead.

OK Mobility has made this world-famous sporting event the perfect excuse to once again show its support and commitment to the sport.

A dream come true and a new personal mark

Although Sergio is already an expert with extensive experience in this type of challenge, having participated in more than 50 races and marathons that have made him one of the great "runners" of the social media community, this ½ marathon was a special challenge for Ana.

This was her first time in the New York race, although also like Sergio, she is one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media, where she shares her exercise routines, running, and CrossFit workouts.

This event in New York was a double motivation for Ana Turull - to fulfill her dream of participating in one of the Six Majors and to beat her personal best, going under 4 hours tocomplete the course.

And, of course, not only did she fulfill her dream of participating in the NYC ½ Marathon but also managed to beat her personal best so far, completing the 21-kilometer race in just 3:39.

Both Sergio and Ana highlighted the magnificent atmosphere in the Big Apple, the spirit of self-improvement and, of course, the success of the race for both of them, accompanied from the very beginning by OK Mobility.

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