Best motorcycle routes in Catalonia

Looking for the best motorcycle routes in Catalonia? We have compiled 4 options that are perfect for all tastes and levels.

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Spain is a perfect place to travel by road thanks to its climate, gastronomy and astounding cultural and artistic heritage. Looking for the best motorcycle routes in Catalonia?

This region of the Spanish geography offers endless possibilities for lovers of motorcycle routes. The best part is the diverse landscapes and varied terrain with options for all tastes and levels of experience. In addition, Catalonia has a wide range of services for tourists, with accommodation, restaurants and even workshops, in case you need to visit one at some point during your trip.

Any time is a good time to plan a motorcycle route in Catalonia, although the best time of year is from April to October. Now all that remains is to discover the best routes!

Motorcycle routes in Catalonia and the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees Route begins and ends in the city of Lleida. This motorcycle route through Catalonia first crosses the valleys and mountains of Lleida Pirineus, and then passes through the Túnel del Cadí, Port del Cantó and Val d'Aran.

This route is approximately 800 kilometers long, although it can easily be divided into as many stages as necessary. It does, however, have many twisty and narrow roads with abrupt changes in altitude. Therefore, it is recommended to have some experience riding in the mountains and good physical fitness, because it is of medium-high difficulty.

  • The best time for this route is between June and September, because this is when the mountain passes are open. You should still check the weather conditions at any time of the year, because fog and snow can creep up on you in the higher areas.
  • It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and equipment for riding in the mountains. A map or GPS that can be accessed offline with detailed route information may also come in handy.

Route along the Costa Brava

If you are more of a beach person than a mountain person, this route along the Costa Brava is definitely for you. It is very different from the previous one and perfect for taking in the Mediterranean air. It starts in Blanes and continues north, passing through Cadaqués, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Calella de Palafrugell, Tossa de Mar and Begur.

Unlike the previous one, this motorcycle route is of a medium-low difficulty. The roads are much wider and offer a good road surface. However, if you visit the Costa Brava in summer you may encounter heavy traffic in the most touristic areas and in the coastal towns.

  • You can do this route at any time of the year, although the weather is much nicer from May to October.
  • The best option is to wear comfortable and cool clothes for sightseeing, as well as sunscreen and a good hat or cap. Also bear in mind that in some towns you will need to pay for parking.

The Cistercian Route

Want a motorcycle route that helps you disconnect from the routine and find yourself again? The Cistercian Route is perfect, because it begins and ends in Santes Creus, a Cistercian monastery located in the province of Tarragona.

You will visit the monasteries of Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, as well as Santes Creus. This is one of the shortest motorcycle routes in Catalonia, covering only 300 kilometers, although you can configure the stages to your liking.

  • There is a wide range of accommodation options, restaurants and gas stations along the route. The monasteries often offer guided tours and cultural activities for all tastes.
  • Do take into account that the monasteries have visiting hours and that it is necessary to purchase a ticket to access each of them. Always wear comfortable, cool clothing and footwear suitable for difficult terrain.

Penedès Wine Route

Taking a road trip to enjoy the Catalan gastronomy is also a very good option. The Penedès Wine Route starts and ends in Vilafranca del Penedès, the capital of the Alt Penedès region. Along the way you will pass through the vineyards and villages of the region, such as Sant Sadurní d'Anoia or Calaf.

It is about 250 kilometers in total and is probably one of the easiest on this list, with a low difficulty. The roads are wide and in very good condition.

  • The most perfect months of the year to do this route are from April to October, although you can do it at any time of the year.
  • Many wineries offer wine tastings and guided tours of the vineyards. It is best to buy tickets online or make reservations in advance if you want to enjoy the wine tastings.

If you are planning a getaway to Catalonia from anywhere in the world, renting a motorcycle with OK Mobility in Barcelona is one of the best options. You can travel the length of the entire region and take the routes that best suit your lifestyle with all the facilities.

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