Beaches and coves near Barcelona

Discover coves nearby if Barcelona's beaches are too crowded for you. We’ve got suggestions for the best alternatives within walking distance of the city!

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When Barcelona's beaches are packed and there isn’t a free spot in sight, it’s time to find alternatives. If you’re looking for something quieter and away from the big city crowds, these are the best coves within walking distance. You won’t regret it!

Coves and beaches in Barcelona and the surrounding area

The coast of Catalonia boasts more than 300km of beaches. There’s an infinite number of beautiful coves beyond Barcelona’s beaches that are sure to become your new favorites, and you don't always have to go all the way to the Costa Brava or La Dorada!

Cala Treumal

Cala Treumal is located in Blanes, which borders both this area and Lloret de Mar. Its fine, white sand and calm, crystal-clear water will transport you to paradise. This cove is 200 metres long and is surrounded by nearby pine forests and cliffs. It also offers sun loungers, sunshades and a foot-washing area. If you fancy a change of scenery, you’ll find Santa Cristina beach just across the rocks.

Cala Morisca

Located in Sitges, Cala Morisca is another one of Barcelona’s must-see beaches. A visit to this city is always worthwhile, especially if you stop off at this treasured location. You’ll be there within half an hour and the peace and quiet you were looking for awaits. It’s also a semi-nudist beach, so if you’re hoping for a more isolated cove, this is one of the most intimate. And if that wasn’t enough, it has white sand and crystal-clear water.

Les Casetes de Gavà

If you’re looking for a change from Barcelona’s beaches, you’ll love this beach, as fishermen’s huts line the sand. It’s located in Garraf, just a short distance from Caburé. This means you’ll have your back to the massif and will overlook the stunning waters of the Mediterranean. This is a very quiet, family-friendly beach, as it offers facilities, places to eat and excellent connections by road.

Castell de Mata

Just before Arenys de Mar, you’ll find this beautiful cove called Cala Castell, and we guarantee that it will be another of your favorites beyond Barcelona’s beaches. You need to walk through an underpass to get there. If you travel by car, parking is free. If you come by public transport, the train is an easy option as there’s a station nearby. The beach boasts fine, white sand and the water just begs you to jump in. And it’s almost deserted!

Cala del Frares

If you don’t mind travelling slightly further from Barcelona’s beaches in search of a magical location, this is a top choice. This cove is located in Lloret de Mar so it will take just over an hour to get there, but the trip is worth it! This area is very touristy for a reason, but this beach isn't overcrowded. Besides being beautiful and peaceful, it's the perfect spot to get your snorkel out and explore the underwater world.

Cala Futadera

Just slightly further along you’ll find Cala Futadera, an hour and a half from Barcelona. This is an unspoilt beach, so it doesn’t offer any facilities. However, if you pack everything you need for the day, that won't matter. Although, you might find the steps to access it slightly inconvenient. The descent is easy, but don't forget it’s all uphill on the way back!

Playa de Sant Pol

Another one of Barcelona’s beaches we’d recommend is Sant Pol, located in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, about 50 kilometres away. The beach has different areas: one is more family-friendly and the other is nudist, so you can choose the side you prefer. If you like architecture, this area is also home to the Casa de les Punxes, of noucentista and modernist style, and the first residential building to be built in the area. And although the Casa Estrada, as it’s known, is walled, going for a swim near this building is worthwhile.

So, these are our recommended coves and beaches close to Barcelona. If you want to enjoy the freedom of being able to go wherever you want without limits, rent a car in Barcelona with OK Mobility and start discovering the world right now. We offer models and prices for everyone!

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