How long does it take to travel around the island of Menorca?

Are you going to Menorca and want to rent a car? We explain how long it will take you to get around the island, and what you can visit!

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The beautiful island of Menorca is a slow-paced paradise in the Mediterranean Sea. A haven of culture and history, the northernmost Balearic island boasts white sandy beaches, verdant national parks, lively towns and cities, and delicious food and drink.

Menorca is a favorite holiday destination for families and couples. There is plenty to see and do. From touring coastal landscapes and listening to live music in caves to visiting open-air archaeological museums or wine tastings at a local vineyard. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts love the variety of sports activities available in Menorca, from scuba diving and paddle surfing to horseback riding and cycling.

If you are looking for a relaxing destination in Europe for your next vacation and want to know what to do in Menorca, this article will tell you about the activities you can do, and how long it takes to travel around the island to do them. 

How long does it take to go around Menorca?

Menorca is one of the islands that make up the famous Balearic Islands. It is known worldwide for its crystal clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. 

Exploring the island by renting a car or a motorcycle is the best option if you want to go at your own pace without being tied to a schedule and see it all. How long does it take to move around Menorca? Of course, if you simply drive across the island from east to west, it will take you about 45 minutes. The south is more attractive for tourists, while the north is more desolate and dry. 

Would you like to know some of the places you can visit while touring the island? Keep reading.

Menorca's best attractions and activities

Menorca has two twin cities, on opposite sides of the island: the capital, Mahón, in the east, and the historic Ciutadella, in the west. These are wonderful places to begin to delve into the rich heritage and culture of the island.

You can follow the coastal paths of Cami de Cavalls to picturesque lighthouses or climb the island's only mountain, Monte Toro, for spectacular 360-degree views. Relax on the secluded beaches of Cala Macarelleta or Cala Algaiarens, or cycle to the pretty fishing villages like Binibeca Vell, with its whitewashed houses and craft stores.

Ciutadella de Menorca 

Ciutadella is located on the west coast of Menorca. It has a charming old town to explore, with winding cobblestone streets and a small harbor where you can dine al fresco and watch the fishermen bring in the day's catch.

One of the busiest squares is Plaça d'es Born, ringed by palm trees, where there is an obelisk, gardens and a 13th century cathedral. If you go a little further, you can see Palau Salort, a majestic neoclassical palace, and the Teatre des Born, a historic theater.

Walking the Camí de Cavalls 

One of the most popular things to do in Menorca is to walk the Cami de Cavalls. This trail, which circumnavigates the entire island covers 185 km in total.It has existed since 1300 and was once a strategic place from which the settlers could see possible invaders approaching from the sea.

Today, there are 20 marked trails of varying lengths and difficulty, crossing pine forests, cliffs and beaches, and offering incredible views.

Sports in Menorca

There are many things for families to do in Menorca, and most of them include outdoor activities. With miles of unspoiled landscapes, white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, it's easy to see why this island is an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy mountain bike expeditions to the lesser known villages of the island. Kayaking is also a popular pastime: the waters around Menorca are calm, making them perfect for those traveling with children, and the coastal scenery is beautiful and varied.

Paddle surf, windsurfing, sailing and horseback riding are also common activities near most of the popular places to stay in Menorca.

Visit the Xeroi Cave 

Tucked away on the side of a cliff in the south of Menorca, near the perfect sandy cove of Cala en Porter, lies the Cova d'en Xoroi. Local legend has it that the cave was named Xoroi in honor of a Turkish pirate who hid in the grotto to avoid being captured for plundering nearby villages.

Today, it is an interesting place to explore during the day. Atmospheric corridors connect the different spaces inside, inspiring stories and tales of their own. You can listen to myths and enjoy incredible views, but it is at dusk that the cave really comes to life.

Are you going to Menorca and want to travel around the island by car or motorcycle? At OK Mobility we have different models adapted to your requirements and budget, contact us if you have any questions!

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