Lisbon at Christmas

Lisbon at Christmas time multiplies its charm by a thousand. We tell you why you should spend your next holidays in this city!

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The Christmas holidays are approaching and one question is arising in many households: to spend the holidays at home or to travel? At OK Mobility we always choose the latter, and that's why today we are showing you how to enjoy Lisbon at Christmas. An accessible destination within reach and full of charm.

Why travel to Lisbon at Christmas?

Unless you are fortunate enough to work in education and have two weeks of vacation time available, most are limited to the holidays only. This makes long getaways more difficult, and this makes Lisbon an ideal destination for your Christmas. But since you need more than one reason, here are several more that will lead you to the same conclusion!

Easy access

Continuing from where we started, Lisbon is located in Portugal, so it is not such a long trip. You can get there by plane to save time, so you can spend your days there exploring the area and spending the holidays in the places you like best.

A multitude of places of interest

You will need about three days to not rush your visit to the city. In the coastal area, do not miss the Lisbon Cathedral, the Arco da Rua Augusta or the Casa dos Bicos, and make sure to include the Belém Tower, which is a World Heritage Site, and the Alfama district. Nearby, you can visit St. George’s Castle and the neighborhood of El Castelo. Other points of interest include Rossio Square, the Chiado district and the Bica Funicular. And to start the year, head to the Plaza del Comercio, where the gigantic Christmas tree is placed.

Explore it by car

With probably little time left for the Christmas vacations, to get the most out of your trip for Christmas, there is nothing better than renting a car in Lisbon so you can visit other surrounding towns and make your trip more complete. For example, Sintra or Cascais.

The city fills with light and color

Lisbon is a city to fall in love with, but at this time of year it has something special that wins you over in just a few minutes. Perhaps the street lighting or the big Christmas tree in the Plaza del Comercio have something to do with it. However, if you really want to see a spectacle of light and color, the ideal place for this is the Vasco da Gama shopping center, which is located on Avenida Dom João II.

Markets to lose yourself in

Christmas markets are highly anticipated during the holiday season, as there is something special about being able to purchase handcrafted products at these stalls. If you go to Lisbon for Christmas, you will find no less than four.

The first is the Campo Pequeno, in the old bullring and has around one hundred craft stalls of all kinds: food, jewelry, clothing, toys and so on. An ice skating rink is also located here.

In Alvalade, wooden houses are set up, including Santa Claus' grotto, and there are several children's activities. Wonderland Lisbon is like a small amusement park, and in the one located at the Santa Catalina viewpoint, not only will you see interesting stalls, but you will also get the best views of the city.

Visit the Christmas Circus

This circus is suitable for all audiences, but it always becomes a more attractive proposal if you are traveling with your family. Although it has been held for more than 125 years, animals do not participate as they did a few decades ago, but it feature a multitude of acrobatics that are worth seeing live.

Participate in the San Silvestre

The custom of celebrating this race has spread to several cities in Spain, and Lisbon also holds their own. If you are sporty, what better way to end the year than with your favorite activity.

The route passes through all the most interesting areas of the city, such as Avenida de la Liberdade. Whether you want to participate or be a spectator, we recommend you consult the route because it will serve as a reference.

Sweeten your life

We know that Christmas is a time when talking about diets is strictly forbidden. We all enjoy nougat and marzipan without a hint of remorse. In Lisbon they also have their King cake, known there as Bolo Rei and whose dough is similar to that of panettone. In addition to this delicacy, you must try the rabanadas or Fatias Douradas, which are similar to Spanish torrijas, and the Sonhos de Natal; little balls that will remind you of donuts. The best are the pumpkin ones!

This Christmas, enjoy a getaway to Lisbon and its surroundings, OK Mobility will accompany you!

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