OK Mobility joins the most prominent content creators once again in the Idolo Awards 2024

This new edition has served as an opportunity for OK Mobility to become one more year the official mobility partner of this already consolidated gala in Spain's content creation and social media scene.

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With the renowned influencer and content creator Dulceida at the head of the organization, this new edition brought together at the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío in Madrid the most prominent names in an industry that is gaining in relevance year after year.

On the red carpet, we saw many familiar faces, such as Nagore Robles, Alba Paul, Laura Escanes, Violeta Mangriñan, and Inés Hernand, among many others. All of them have already become celebrities in content creation and social media and have seen their work and talent recognized with awards like these.

A jury made up of the leading firms in the industry

The jury, formed by communication and marketing professionals from companies such as Netflix, Multiópticas, Havas, or Universal Music, awarded in this edition big content creator names, such as Plex, winner of the night as best Creator of the Year; Lalachus, Ger or Violeta, among others, in different categories and styles such as humor, authenticity, lifestyle, travel or social awareness.

The gala wasn’t short of entertainment and fun, with musical performances and interventions by well-known faces and personalities such as Ana Milán and Mario Vaquerizo. However, once again, the most outstanding presence was that of the social media, always connected to both the attendees and their followers.

OK Mobility was also very present thanks to its reporter Cris Blanco there, who had the opportunity to chat with many of the attendees on the red carpet about their travel and mobility preferences, what other influencers they would travel with, and many other things.

In addition, during the weeks before the event, OK Mobility raffled two tickets through social media offering its followers the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony.

OK Mobility repeats as official mobility partner in 2024

As in previous editions of the Idolo Awards, OK Mobility has once again collaborated as the official mobility partner of the event that took place on March 14 in Madrid.

Thanks to this collaboration, OK Mobility lent 10 vehicles and a 9-place van as the official mobility partner for many celebrities invited and nominated to attend the event aboard cars specially designated for the gala.

Thanks to partners such as OK Mobility, this third edition of the awards was once again a success in terms of social impact due to its wide reach in the media and social media.

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