6 reasons to give a trip as a gift

Giving a trip as a gift for your partner, friends or family? We give you the reasons why it is a good choice, one they will love!

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If you are struggling to find the best gift for someone important, this article offers you some reasons why giving a trip as a gift is an excellent option. Whether you're looking for the answer for a friend who has everything, for kids who don't need another toy, or for your significant other.

Did you know that studies show that the happiness we feel from receiving material things fades much faster than the joy we get from experiences? Travel is a powerful way to show you care and the benefits far outweigh anything you can tie a bow on.

Here are some of the reasons to give a trip as a gift.

Reasons to give a trip as a gift

When you give a trip as a gift, you are giving your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy many benefits

The right trip can be a much-needed break from everyday life. It can allow someone to relax and unwind, or give them a new view of the world through a new and stimulating destination. A trip can focus on family, romance, or exploring an interest that is not given enough time. When you give a trip as a gift, you are giving away much more than a ticket and a hotel stay.

It is a great opportunity to strengthen ties

When you give the gift of a trip that you will take part in, you are giving yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to spend valuable quality time together. Few other gifts will give you the opportunity to really connect with each other. You will share uninterrupted time and unique experiences that will bring you closer together.

It will not go out of fashion like toys

Things like electronics and fashion are often great gifts, but over time they become outdated, get lost and eventually get replaced. By giving the gift of travel, you provide your loved ones with memories and experiences they will keep with them for a lifetime.

It will not create clutter

If you want to minimize the impact of holidays on your growing amount of "stuff," traveling is a great option. Your trip will leave you with a lot of anecdotes, and probably some great photos, but nothing more.

Why give the gift of a family holiday?

It can be less expensive

If you are going to give the whole family a trip, it may end up being cheaper than buying something material. I'm sure you think otherwise, but take a minute to calculate the average amount you spend per person in your family. Just take into account the skyrocketing prices of electronic products, and you can easily reach a figure equivalent to that of one trip per person.

Planning can be part of the surprise

If you surprise your family with the prospect of a holiday, the anticipation is almost as much fun as the vacation itself. Not only will you avoid holiday crowds by planning your vacation for a future date, but you will also be able to choose the time that best suits your schedule. You can also let your family help you plan some of the final details and activities. This is always fun because your kids get to share what they are most excited about and really contribute to the family vacations.

The gift of a future holiday also means you can teach your kids to save by starting a “Souvenir Fund" or something similar (which is great because they'll learn to keep to a budget on vacation and think twice before buying a toy on impulse).

While some family vacations are going to cost more than others, many will end up costing less than you would have spent on traditional gifts. If you also have an annual holiday budget, you can add it to your Christmas budget to enjoy some extra magical vacation moments and still come out ahead.

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