Top Spanish content creators meet at Forbes’ Best Content Creators awards together with OK Mobility

On October 10 the most relevant celebrities and influencers met at Madrid’s Italian Embassy in a gala organized by the prestigious magazine Forbes and with the official sponsorship of OK Mobility.

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In an evening filled with famous faces, rising talents, and big content creator names, OK Mobility became once again the event’s official sponsor for both attendees and the organization, also sponsoring one of the awarded categories.

A gala filled with top Spanish content creators

This second edition of the Forbes Awards is intended to recognize the work and career of 10 influencers and content creators, voted by a panel of experts from SpainMedia, editor of the prestigious magazine.

These are people and profiles that have already carved a niche in the content business and have been able to connect perfectly with their audiences, making this sector a highly relevant channel for brands and marketing campaigns of all kinds.

Among the attendees, already familiar faces in the content creation and social media world, such as Maria Pombo, Lola Moreno, Dulceida, Nagore Robles, Violeta Mangriñán, Gotzon Mantuliz or Henar Álvarez.

Among the winners, Forbes recognised the work and trajectory of influencers like Lola Lolita, Gala González, Carlota Bruna, or the agency Human to Human, each in their category.

OK Mobility as mobility partner and sponsor

In the second edition of the Best Content Creators 2023, OK Mobility dressed up and participated in the event as the official mobility partner, driving some of the attending celebrities, as well as bringing a special vehicle where some of the attendees took original photos and videos of themselves during the event.

In addition to being the mobility partner for the night, OK Mobility also sponsored one of the awards categories.

This category sponsored by OK Mobility was Best Travel Content Creator, which went to influencer Ruben Díez for his nearly 11-year track record as a travel content creator on YouTube.

In this second edition of Forbes Best Content Creators 2023, OK Mobility wanted to be present as a solution to mobility that’s agile, modern, and sustainable.

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