5-day driving tour in Sardinia

Are you planning a driving tour in Sardinia? We review the destinations that you must visit on your trip to the island.

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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most popular destinations to visit at any time of the year. A place that combines clear water beaches with mountains, charming villages and rich cultural history. For this reason, organizing a driving tour in Sardinia is the best way to explore every corner of the island at your own pace, and the best option is to rent a car with OK Mobility in Olbia.

It is the perfect setting if you are looking for tranquility, culture and history. Sardinia's culture mixes Punic, Roman, Catalan and Spanish influences that are reflected in its festivals, music, dances and street art. In addition, the island offers a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate for most of the year. You can explore its ruins and discover the natural beauty of its beaches and mountains. Below we propose a 5-day driving tour. Perfect for ensuring you do not miss a thing!

Day 1: Cagliari and the Southern Coast

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is a good starting point. You can explore its narrow cobblestone streets, visit the impressive Cathedral and enjoy the panoramic views from the Bastione di Saint Remy. Afterwards, you can head south along the coast, where some of the island's most beautiful beaches await you.

Stop in the picturesque town of Villasimius and relax on its white sandy beaches and take a dip in its turquoise waters. A good option to end the day is a seafood dinner in one of the restaurants by the sea, where you can try traditional dishes such as fregula con le arselle or tuna bottarga.

Day 2: East Coast and the Gulf of Orosei

Continue east on your journey and find the stunning Gulf of Orosei. The winding roads will accompany you for a good part of your drive through Sardinia. You will cross hills with bountiful Mediterranean vegetation and enjoy the amazing sea views. A stop for lunch or a rest? The village of Arbatax is perfect for this.

Of course, then you simply have to explore the coves and cliffs of the Gulf of Orosei. In addition, we recommend a boat trip to discover the more remote coves and those that are impossible to reach on foot.

Day 3: Alghero and the Northwest Coast

If you continue your drive through Sardinia to the northwest, you will reach Alghero, a charming town with a strong Catalan influence. You can stroll through the medieval quarter, visit the Cathedral and admire the views from the walls surrounding the city.

Alghero is known for its beaches and its gastronomy. Therefore, you cannot leave there without trying the seafood paella or grilled octopus in one of the restaurants on the promenade. Afterwards, explore the coast, famous for its steep cliffs and hidden coves, at your own pace. Do not miss La Pelosa beach, with its white sand and crystal clear waters.

Day 4: Sassari and Sardinia's hinterland

If you feel like a change of scenery, you can continue your route towards the mountainous inlands of the island of Sardinia. Your first stop will be Sassari, the second largest city. Explore the old town, visit the Basilica of the Holy Trinity and enjoy authentic Sardinian cuisine in one of the local restaurants.

Then, continue to the heart of the island, where breathtaking mountain scenery and charming rural villages await you. You can make a stop in Orgosolo, famous for its street murals that tell stories of life in Sardinia. And also in Nuoro, the cultural capital of the island, where you can visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Day 5: West Coast and return to Cagliari

On your final day, tour the west coast of Sardinia as you head back towards Cagliari. Enjoy panoramic views of the sea from the road and stop in the charming coastal towns of Bosa and Oristano.

Explore their picturesque streets, visit the ancient churches and enjoy one last Sardinian lunch before returning to the capital. Sardinia is famous for its excellent wine production, so you can't leave without tasting some of the local wines.

With this five-day Sardinia driving tour, you can explore the best the island has to offer. Beautiful beaches, coastal landscapes and charming villages with lots of history.

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