The best vans for travelling

Learn about the best vans for making long trips. At OK Mobility we offer the best models of vans for rent.

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Although vans are not among the vehicles most in demand or sold, they are a model that never goes out of fashion. This is because of the multiple benefits they offer, especially for long trips.

Vans and minivans are automobiles designed to meet specific needs. For example, for those who make frequent trips and need a large and spacious vehicle for long journeys. Vans offer the possibility of travelling with more luggage, and still being comfortable.

To clear up any doubts about which model vans are best suited to take for a long trip, this article lists the models of van that work best for comfort and safety on this kind of activity.

Luxury vans ideal for long trips

Luxury and comfort in a vehicle are not only to be found in high-end cars or in Premium SUVs. There are different types of vehicles in different segments that can become the perfect allies for long trips. They add a touch of luxury and comfort to any journey, no matter the destination.

Some of these vehicles are capable of enhancing any travel experience thanks, among other things, to the large amount of interior space available. This aspect opens up a world of possibilities in terms of accessories and attachments that turn the interior of the van into a proper space that can be made as comfortable as any of those found at home.


The best van models

Here are 4 of the best vans for travelling.

Citroën Berlingo

The Citroën Berlingo has two main variants that are equally practical. One is designed specifically for passenger transport, known as the Citroën Berlingo MultiSpace, and the other is designed for professional use. It is one of the best vans from a functional point of view, since it has been designed under strict parameters to specialize it for the type of use that the driver needs.

Both models are outstanding for the incredible value for money that we offer at OK Mobility, as one of the best vans available on the market for several years now. In addition, recent versions of this van have incorporated new technologies in an extremely intelligent way. This not only exponentially increases its practical uses, but also the comfort of the interior.

The two available options of this van differ in body length. However, both models are perfectly capable of equipping 5 or 7 seats, which offers an incredible capacity for carrying several passengers.

Peugeot Rifter

This appears to be a crossover between the architecture of the Citroën Berlingo MultiSpace and the Opel Combo Life. This is why it is also seen as a version of a commercial vehicle designed to carry passengers, thanks to the 5 or 7 seats it can fit, depending on the length of the model’s bodywork. In addition, it has a comfortable 2+2 layout that allows rear occupants to enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

By removing the third row, the Peugeot Rifter can offer a cargo space of almost 600 liters in the standard and 850 in the long body models.

Peugeot Traveller Combi

For those who require both maximum headroom and volume of occupancy, the Peugeot Traveller Combi offers up to 9 seats, making it the most effective Peugeot model from this point of view.

Renault Kangoo Combi

This is part of the new generation of vans whose latest versions are designed to have an appearance that is as attractive as the brand's passenger cars. This makes it one of the most visually appealing multi-purpose vans.

This van is distinguished by three finishes, with seating for up to 5 passengers, making it a version more oriented to the day-to-day routine. This is a common feature on Renault models that are better equipped to meet daily transport needs.

It is also one of the best vans for traveling thanks to its 2+3 configuration, with rear seats that divide the bench space equally. This means that each occupant will have the same amount of lateral space and similar comfort. Even though the center seat is probably the one that best avoids the limits on the sides such as the doors and the seats in front of their knees.

These van models are considered the best for travelling, because of the large amount of space available. This allows for greater comfort and convenience for long journeys. This is in addition to the many features designed to maximize the vehicle functions when driving.

If you are planning a road trip, we invite you to visit our car rental and sales portal. Here you can find the best transport solutions on the market, and at the best prices.

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