Beautiful towns near Madrid: a road trip

Beautiful towns near Madrid. Do you want to discover some of the most charming towns? Start your car and head for these four destinations.

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Visiting beautiful towns near Madrid will help you get to know the region a little better. Just a few kilometers from the capital there are municipalities that have a lot to offer. And the best part is that you can visit them comfortably by taking a road trip in your car.

Gastronomy, history, curiosities... get ready to discover all that is waiting for you just a stone's throw away from one of the largest cities in the country. We have prepared a road trip which you can follow to visit some of the most outstanding municipalities in the southern part of the region.


About 45 kilometers from the capital is the municipality of Chinchón, which is among the most visited by tourists and by the people of Madrid. It has a charm that makes it unique.

Undoubtedly, its most outstanding enclave is the Plaza Mayor. It stands out for its irregular design and slightly concave shape, something you will not see in any other municipality. This creates a picturesque space that is the perfect setting to enjoy cultural and festive events throughout the year.

But Chinchón has earned its place among the most beautiful towns near Madrid for more than just its plaza, as it also has other points of interest. Its castle is in ruins, but it is a testament to the long history of the municipality, and from where it stood you can get an extraordinary panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Colmenar de Oreja

As in many municipalities, the Plaza Mayor is a must for visitors. In this case, the curious thing about its architecture is that it reminds us of La Mancha style plazas, made up of low buildings (no more than two stories high) and with arcades as the main protagonists.

The square is the nerve center of this town, and there you will find a wide range of bars and restaurants where you can taste the gastronomy of the region.

If, in addition, you like hiking, from Colmenar you can climb the Cerro de Cabeza Gorda, a popular place among outsiders that offers good views.

Other points of interest are the Church of Santa María la Mayor, whose altarpiece is well worth a visit; the Casa de la Tecla (today home to the Ulpiano Checa Museum) and the Casa de la Cadena, a very well preserved medieval building.

Navalcarnero, a must-see among the most beautiful towns near Madrid

We continue our route through the south of the Community of Madrid and now we head to one of the best known towns in this region: Navalcarnero. This time around you will find a larger municipality than the previous ones, almost a city, because it has around 30,000 inhabitants. But don't worry, this town has managed to maintain its rural charm.

The Plaza de Segovia is the most important enclave, and its style will remind you of the one you will see in Navalcarnero, although a bit bigger. It is also home to the Town Hall, located in a building with Renaissance architecture whose facade immediately catches the attention of visitors.

No shortage of historical buildings. In Navalcarnero you can visit interesting examples of civil architecture from past centuries such as the Casa de Ciriaco or the Casa de la Lonja. And significant religious buildings such as the Church of San Andrés, with its Gothic style and an impressive bell tower, or the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción.

This municipality is well known for its wines which pair perfectly with typical dishes of the region such as roast suckling pig and artisan cheeses.

San Martín de Valdeiglesias

For the Madrileños, this locality has a prominent place among the beautiful towns near Madrid, because here you will find El Bosque Encantado (The Enchanted Forest). A botanical garden with more than 500 plant species, where different sculptures and labyrinths have been created. Undoubtedly, a must-see if you go with children, although you will also love it if it's adults only.

Other points of interest in this municipality are its Plaza Real, the Castillo de la Coracera (extraordinarily well preserved), hermitages such as Ecce Homo and Renaissance churches as beautiful as San Martin Obispo. In addition, thanks to its location, a good number of hiking trails start from there.

These four municipalities share the fact that they are quiet, beautiful places, with history, with tourist interest, and that offer a rich gastronomy. Therefore, they should not be missing from your itinerary if you want to visit beautiful towns near Madrid. Do you need a rental car for these trips? In Madrid you can count on us to rent your vehicle!

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