The most beautiful beaches near Heraklion

If you are looking for beaches near Heraklion for your vacations, Don't miss this guide with the most beautiful ones in the area!

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If you have already decided your next vacation destination and you are in the phase of exploring the surroundings, today we tell you which are the best beaches near Heraklion you simply have to visit! You'll find all kinds, so your next task will be to decide which ones to visit. All set for an adventure?

The best beaches near Heraklion

Heraklion is a port city located on the Greek island of Crete and is also its capital. It is famous for its archaeological site on the outskirts of the city named the Palace of Knossos. But you can't talk about this country without referring to its coast, so if you're passing through here and want to take the opportunity to explore the surroundings, here are the best beaches near Heraklion!


A short distance from the city, since it is about 15 minutes by public transport, this beautiful sandy beach awaits you. In addition to being able to relax after exploring the area, it also has beach bars and some places of interest. Since there are no rocks nearby, it is common to see windsurfers in the water.

Agia Pelagia

25 kilometers away from Heraklion is the small village of Agia Pelagia, in the center of a bay. Here you can visit the ruins of a monastery, but also several sandy beaches with all the services you may need. Most of them are small and narrow, but since there are several of them, it will not be difficult for you to find a private spot. Although the waters are deep, there is no wind because they are sheltered, which makes for a great family environment.


Palaiokastro is another beach near Heraklion worth visiting. Perhaps as a beach in itself it is not the most spectacular, but it is as a whole, because here a medieval castle awaits you along the coast, although if you want to visit it you will have to skirt around its edges to get to the road. In addition to the castle, there is a land bridge that spans the entire beach.


One of the best beaches near Heraklion is this one, whose strange name means "fish face". It is small in size and quite popular, so if you want to find a spot, we recommend that you go quite early. It is well conditioned and has sun loungers and a beach bar for a drink. As for the landscape, it offers very clean waters if you want to explore the seabed and a cave in the sea that is formed by the presence of a rock.


Gouves was a U.S. Air Force base, but today there is no longer any trace of this setting, so it has become a place with multiple tourist attractions, restaurants and a beautiful beach.


Somewhat further away from Heraklion and closer to Hersonissos, several beaches await you, one very close to the other. Here, the sand is mixed with the stones, so the environment is quite quiet. Its waters are very clear, hence the abundance of diving centers in this part of the coast. It is also a good area for tasting fresh fish. However, if you go for a swim, be aware that there is no surveillance.

Archaeological site of Malia

A place that is undoubtedly spectacular to take a dip is this archaeological site. Next to it is a palace and this beautiful beach, which is the delta of a very small river. Even so, the space has been conditioned and you will have access to sun loungers and even a lifeguard if you need one. As you go south, you will enter the Libyan Sea, where the waters become colder and therefore calmer.


This is one of the best-known beaches near Heraklion, and not just now, as it was once an area where hippies lived, since there are several caves. It is very easy to access, which means that the number of visitors is also high, but it is worth it!


To the west, this two-kilometer-long wonder awaits you, with lots of sand and few waves, making it perfect for relaxing and enjoying a pleasant swim. On top of that, you will be able to contemplate a beautiful sunset. And if you feel like exploring the surroundings, don't miss the archaeological site there.

These are just some examples of the beaches you can visit. If you don't want to miss out on any of them, choose a rental car in Heraklion with OK Mobility and get the best conditions!

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