Beaches near A Coruña

Best beaches near A Coruña: If you go on vacation to the Galician city of A Coruña, don't miss this tourist guide.

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The beautiful province of A Coruña, located in the autonomous community of Galicia, has a spectacular coastline and landscapes. Its long coastline of golden beaches, dotted with coastal towns and ports, the rich Celtic history and stunning natural landscapes of the province, make A Coruña a first class holiday destination for those looking for a unique experience.

The coast of A Coruña is made up of beautiful beaches and hidden coves. In fact, the best beaches in Spain can be found in this town. Some of them have golden sands and others pristine white sands. In this article, we will tell you about the beaches of A Coruña located in the closest towns. Then there are the beaches located in A Coruña itself.

Best beaches near A Coruña


From Canido beach, you can enjoy pleasant views of the Sisargas Islands. There is a path on the beach to the sand and showers. It also has a beautiful promenade that runs along both beaches, and an esplanade where it is easy to find parking space. 


A beach divided in two: Marín Beach and Perbes Beach. They are both very nice beaches, and both have wheelchair access. They share services and facilities such as showers, drinking water fountain, etc. In addition, a part of this beach is reserved for naturism.

Pedra do Sal

This beach is part of the Natura 2000 Network, a European initiative aimed at preserving biodiversity. A visit will give you a good idea of the rich landscape of the area, with dramatic scenery next to wonderful coves of golden sand.

Cirro Beach

All along the coast you can see many small fishing boats moored. This beach is ideal for people with small children, as the general atmosphere is quiet. 


You reach this beach from a staircase that descends from the road that runs through the village of Campelo. It is small, and an excellent place to see views of the island of Tomba. The beach is covered with fine white sand, mixed with some grass, which gives it an unspoiled appearance


 A small, secluded and intimate beach. It has several facilities, such as a restaurant, a play area and different kinds of accommodation.

Beaches in A Coruña

Some of the best beaches in A Coruña are in the city itself, such as the following:

Praia do Orzán

It is a safe sandy beach in A Coruña. It is about 1.6 km long, which is average length. This beach is also known as Orzán Beach, and Praia do Orção.

Praia das Lapas

This beach is so beautiful that it almost seems surreal! It is about 0.35 km long and offers incredible views.

Praia de San Roque-Lino

It is a small sandy beach. It is about 0.19 km long, which is quite small, but has a lot of charm. This beach is also known as Praia de San Roque.

Other important facts about La Coruña

It has a coastal landscape, but also countryside

The wild northern coast, with its rocky and almost barren mountains, contrasts greatly with the much gentler coastline south of the city of La Coruña. The region has numerous harbors and fishing villages, and is a very attractive place to explore at leisure by car. The interior is a mix of fairly low mountains that give way to rounded hills of pine forests and farmland.


La Coruña is Galicia's foremost city for tourist infrastructure. There are many written guides on the best leisure and beach destinations in A Coruña, and tourist offices in all major towns. 


History and culture

Galicia has its own culture and a rich tradition of folklore. The region also has its own language, known as Galician.

The region was settled by one of the earliest tribes of Celtic heritage in Europe and Galicians consider themselves to have a Celtic identity and background, rather than the predominantly "Latin" or "Hispanic" culture that identifies most of the Iberian Peninsula. That said, Galicians have no separatist intentions. In fact, they see themselves as very Spanish.

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