Fun, raffles, and gifts in the OK Fun Day celebrated together with RCD Mallorca

On 3rd of December, RCD Mallorca and Deportivo Alavés met at the Son Moix football field to face each other in the LaLiga match, an occasion that OK Mobility, as sponsor of both teams, took to celebrate its OK Fun Day, during the hours prior to the sporting encounter.

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OK Mobility fills the audience with its OK Attitude

As sponsors of RCD Mallorca and Deportivo Alavés, OK Mobility wanted to flood the Son Moix stadium with the most authentic OK Attitude offering an extraordinary experience for the attendees.

In the hours before the match, a fake goal was set up at the stadium for the participants to score goals, and they were gifted OK Mobility merchandise later in appreciation for their participation.

In addition, popcorn machines were set up for everyone and a raffle was held for a 3-month subscription to an OK Mobility car rental, which participants could access via a QR code. The raffle was then announced on the stadium's video scoreboard during half-time.

The experience was also entertained by RCD Mallorca DJ and speaker Jaume Colombàs, who provided the musical atmosphere and helped to warm up the crowd just before the start of the match.

The players take to the pitch with the Eskort Kids

Finally, the players of both teams went out onto the pitch with the Eskort Kids, the sons and daughters of the OK Team, who enjoyed this special experience and took the opportunity to wish the players luck.

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