Road to the Games

Road to the Games

Constantly chasing greatness, in this project, we're alongside Olympic athletes from various disciplines headed to Paris 2024. Welcome to an extraordinary journey towards excellence with Ok Mobility!
Yulen Pereira - Fencing
Meet Yulen Pereira, a Spanish maestro of the épée, carving his path to the Paris 2024 Olympics. Join us on the grind, catching the highs and lows of Yulen's daily hustle, and dive headfirst into the art of fencing as we trot the globe by his side.
Fátima Gálvez - Trap shooting
Fátima Gálvez is a standout in the world of Olympic shooting, widely acknowledged as one of Spain's most accomplished Olympians in her field. Her command of the rifle is unparalleled, showcasing exceptional precision and a sharp eye that unfailingly hits the mark.
Antía Jácome y Pablo Martínez - Canoeing
Step into the realm of Antía Jácome and Pablo Martínez, two young promises in Spanish canoeing. Join them on their journey towards Paris 2024, relentlessly chasing the podium, and immerse yourself in their daily lives as elite athletes, determined to make their mark on the international stage.
Miguel Alvariño - Archery
Consistency, grit, and dedication... That's the essence of archer Miguel Alvariño. Join his quest for excellence, aiming higher in the archery realm. Experience his relentless drive for perfection and unwavering determination to conquer every competition.
Danny León - Skate
Get to know Danny León, the Spanish skateboarding prodigy taking the world by storm. Follow his journey across international circuits, pushing the limits of skateboarding. Experience his unwavering passion for the sport and his relentless drive to leave an unforgettable mark on the global stage.
Noelia Juan - Triathlon
Discover Noelia Juan, a rising star in triathlons, showcasing her prowess in every competition. Follow her journey across international arenas, and dive into her passion for triathlons and her constant drive for personal growth in every race.
Selección masculina de Waterpolo
Dive into the world of water polo with the Spanish men's team, a squad of aquatic warriors taking on the waves in every tournament. Join them on their journey through international leagues, where their skill and determination place them at the pinnacle.