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Navilera Classic

ePropulsion Pod drive 6kW

Dimensions4.96 m
Capacity6 pat
49.900 €**VAT not included

Electric | Max speed: 7 knots | Length: 4.96 m | Displacement: 672.90 kg

The advanced version of the classic Italian-style electric motor boat with ivory-coloured wooden hull, built using high-quality materials and with a length just shy of five metres. The innovative design of the stern platform for easy access to the water as well as embarking and disembarking, the sun deck and sofas in the bow, the central console and the wooden deck mean the Navilera Classic has everything you need for maximum enjoyment of the boat and the surroundings. With its elegant design and various layout options, this is the perfect choice for days spent exploring the coast or inland waters.

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Technical data

Length4.96 m
Beam1.97 m
Draft0.42 m
Displacement672.9 kg
Capacity6 passengers

Number of engines1
EngineePropulsion pod drive
Power6 kW
Batteries2x 175 Ah Lithium
Maximum speed7 nudos
Maximum autonomy2h at 7 knots
Minimum autonomy2h at 7 knots

HullMaterials: Laminated cedar, flax fibre and epoxy resin. Colour: ivory is standard; other options are available.
DeckMaterials: Oregon pine. Varnished or painted console.
EquipmentRemovable awning. Concealed swim ladder, protective cover for console, deck upholstery, battery charger, anchor, mooring line.


0 contamination

The boats are powered by electricity and come fitted with autonomous charging systems as standard; in other words they do not require special charging equipment at the dock, or fuel with a high carbon footprint.

In addition to convenience and reduced costs for the user, this helps to free up fuelling stations and allow port traffic to flow more easily.

Electricity is the alternative to fossil fuels, helping to slow climate change or reduce its impact, with the added advantage of minimising noise pollution in the marine environment.

0 plastic

Our boats require very little maintenance, which reduces the use of harmful substances.

They are quiet and do not pollute, and are built using renewable materials such as laminated wood and resin-based adhesives containing over 50% plant ,materials, or with flax fibre, eliminating the use of fibreglass and plastic.

Every material we use is carefully selected according to the strictest sustainability criteria and considerations of international geopolitics.

Because navigation in the future has to be in harmony and complete respect for the environment, using materials sourced from responsible plantations as close to home as possible, and avoiding harm to the sea and the air.