First non-stop round-trip to Menorca onboard an electric llaüt with OK Mobility

For the first time in the Balearic Islands and in traditional Mediterranean sailing, the Menorcan shipyard ReBot led last 1 June the first island uninterrupted round-trip onboard their 100% electric llaüt boat and supported onshore by OK Mobility as the trip’s primary sponsor.

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This first trip around the Balearic island has become quite the milestone in Mediterranean traditional sailing, as this llaüt, a historic type of vessel, now enters a new 100% electric era eliminating the need for a license and making it accessible for all.

ReBot’s latest development is called Detective and it enables fossil fuel-free sailing.

ReBot’s first 100% electric uninterrupted round-trip to Menorca

As ReBot’s first challenge and with the onshore support of OK Mobility, the Menorcan company set out last 1 June to complete the first round-trip to the Balearic island starting from the port of Mahon and sailing by many others.

This challenging sailing trip took 16 hours to complete and met all established times, making it a complete success, despite a number of setbacks and two storms.

Captain Tuto Saura, ReBot's founder and CEO, faced two instances of treacherous weather conditions, navigating alone without assistance for several hours.

Even as the auxiliary boat broke down at the start, leaving Saura to sail through the night and two storms, ReBot's llaüt completed the trip with utmost safety, demonstrating the reliability of its 100% autonomous batteries.

OK Mobility as the main sponsor and onshore logistics support

This first non-stop round-trip to Menorca onboard an electric boat could not have been missed by OK Mobility, also one of ReBot’s shareholders and the event’s main sponsor, who assisted with all onshore logistics, providing several vehicles for the organisation’s transfers.

The event meant a new opportunity for OK Mobility to take part in an activity committed to sustainable mobility, one of the brand’s strongest values in all its sponsored actions.

An electric llaüt with total autonomy on any trip

This first trip around the island has served as proof of how ReBot’s new development offers, despite many sailors' common belief, the same guarantee as any other conventional boat would.

Tuto Saura’s trip was not short of incidents or setbacks but, even though it took 16 hours to complete, the vessel never showed signs of power shortage or failure.

With this first challenge, ReBot intends to show both sailing experts and amateurs how this new 100% electric boat offers the same safety, reliability, and autonomy as any other motor or sailing boat.

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