5 tips to help you find an affordable rental car

We bring you the best tips to find an economical rental car. Pay attention to all these key tips.

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If you are looking to rent a car and you are not sure how to find affordable and safe models that can give you the service you need without breaking your budget, then this article is for you.

Tips for economic car rental

The price of a rental car can depend on a number of factors. Here are some recommendations on how to utilize this method of transport in an economical way.

Be proactive

Being proactive will save you money. Car rental companies usually offer lower rates for advance bookings. These rates are usually cheaper than those offered when renting spontaneously or at the last minute. In addition, some rental companies offer special discounts or exclusive promotions for those who book in advance.

Pay by credit card

There are certain companies, card providers, that have certain associations that allow the user to generate points when booking certain services. Among them, car rental is often included. As a result, it is also possible to rent a car more cheaply, since these points can be exchanged for discounts, etc.

Also, some companies such as OK Mobility offer you the possibility of paying your rent in interest-free installments, thus reducing the initial outlay you have to make.

Adjust to your requirements

In most cases, the best way to pay less is by simply just contracting the service you need. This means that if you need to rent the car for a day, an afternoon, etc., you should only hire the service for that time. This way you will avoid overpaying for a car rental at times when you are not really going to be using it. These are small changes that will make your final bill a little lighter on the wallet.

When opting for a car rental it is also important to consider what type of car you need. Choosing an SUV is not the same as taking a compact city car, generally speaking. The power of the vehicle also comes into play. In short, depending on the model, the price of renting the car will be higher or lower. And here aspects such as: the engine, brand, design, capacity, etc. can make a difference.

When renting a car it is important to choose only the extras you really need. Think that these aspects are what make the final price soar or go up more than necessary. When renting a cheap car items such as including an additional driver or hiring a child seat service will make it cost more. Choose only what you need and ask beforehand, in case you have a child, because sometimes you can take your own child seat. You may be interested in this option.

If you are going on a long trip, your best option is to choose a car with unlimited mileage. This can be of vital importance on a long trip. Otherwise, if you exceed the contracted kilometers, you may be charged a high amount for each extra kilometer. This will not be the case if you opt for this type of rental.

Let the oldest drive

In some cases, renting a vehicle may have an additional cost if a person under 25 years of age is driving. This is so, among other reasons, because the insurers themselves set different rates for vehicles in these cases. If you are going to rent a car and there are two people, one younger and one older, the older person should always drive. Generally, lower rates will apply.

Check the fuel policy

The best policy when renting a car linked to its fuel level is that you have to return the tank with the level you took it. As far as possible, avoid options in which you are given the option of prepaying for gas in which, in theory, you get your money back because this is not always the case or not in its entirety.


If you are looking for a cheap car rental, with all the guarantees and in complete safety, you can do it at OK Mobility. We have a fleet of high-quality rental cars at very competitive prices and a policy of transparency in terms of accessible and quality conditions.

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