Nagore Robles and OK Mobility run together in the NYC Half

When it comes to completing a challenge, working up the courage, or improving oneself, no one is better than communicator and influencer Nagore Robles to do the job OK Mobility had in store for her.

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Last 19 March, New York City became the place to complete a running challenge Nagore Robles was already familiar with, after going to Berlin’s half marathon in September 2022. This time it was the United Airlines NYC Half.

However, she wouldn’t be alone in this new adventure. We picked a marathon partner for her - the art director and content creator Jose Obando.

The challenge? 21 kilometres of race, a lot of nerves, but also a lot to look forward to.

Nagore and Jose get ready for the challenge

This half marathon in the Big Apple was a challenge for both Nagore and Jose, as this would be the second race for her and the first for him. And although Jose wasn’t entirely new to the running experience, he couldn’t help but feel a little anxious before going to a race like this for the first time.

But one thing was certain for Nagore - before preparing themselves and getting ready for the race, she had to share her experience in Berlin, the difficulties she had to face, and some important tips with Jose to make sure he would feel 100% ready both physically and mentally.

Warm-ups, stretching, resting, and footwear are some of the aspects Nagore Robles is already an expert in and some of the tips she wanted to share with Jose Obando.

She also didn’t forget to share with him that a race like this gives you an unbelievable boost of positivity, confidence, team spirit, and self-improvement, a few of the values both Nagore Robles and OK Mobility share and the reason behind taking on an amazing challenge like this together.

The two running mates began then getting ready and training in Parque del Retiro in Madrid, visualising the New Yorker marathon they had ahead of them.

The NYC Half, another challenge completed

Sunday 19 March started with a clear blue sky and a cold thermal sensation of -6ºC, but both Nagore Robles and Jose Obando couldn’t wait to get started.

At 7:00 a.m. and together with around 25,000 participants, the two began the race, starting from Washington Avenue in Brooklyn.

All participants were cheered on by people and spectators watching, giving them strength and support throughout the entire race without ever losing heart. The unbelievable atmosphere of positivity, camaraderie, and achievement infected our two participants, making them feel comfortable and confident throughout the race.

21 kilometres later, Nagore and Jose made it to the finishing line in the New Yorker Central Park.

The short of it - an unforgettable experience, an amazing atmosphere in a place like New York City, and two runners who want to experience all of that again and are now very much looking forward to the next challenge together with OK Mobility.

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